Saturday, April 20, 2013

942. R Is for Rejection From James Spader in My Sleep

I grew up in the era of Pretty in Pink and Less Than Zero, so it is a given that I have continually held a not-so-secret crush on James Spader.  The floppy hair, the sardonic laugh, the aura about him that he knows everything and is merely tolerating people.  Ah, yes, I loved him. 

So it should come as no surprise that he made a guest appearance in one of my dreams the other night.

He was his usual hot James self, and I was me, and he had no idea who I was.  He was also very much married (!) so that seemed to put a slight dent in my plan to seduce him (at this point, I feel compelled to apologize to my real-life husband who was conspicuously absent in said dream—sorry, Hon, I don’t control this stuff). 

Okay, so where was I?  Oh, yeah, James.  So we happened to be in some sort of fancy-schmancy hotel (note to subconscious:  please reserve this set for future dreams as well), and I somehow ran into James in the lobby and starting swooning and telling him how I was a huge fan of his and had seen all his movies, like, five times (to be perfectly honest, not Supernova or Alien Hunter, those looked kinda dumb in the previews).  He was vaguely polite, the way you might be to one of those people at the little kiosks in the mall trying to trick you into buying hand lotion by asking you what time it is.  He smiled condescendingly (his trademark!) and then left. 

What he didn’t know is that I followed him, and that is when I saw him go into a suite with his tiny perfect Asian wife.  (Not even sure if he is married in real life, but in the dream his wife was very gorgeous and movie-star-ish.) 

While James disappeared into his room with Mrs. James, I was temporarily distracted by a vehicle I just noticed was parked nearby.  It was one of those ubiquitous food trucks, but instead of selling gyro sandwiches and lukewarm sodas, it was selling high-end designer shoes.  This might have been the best part of my dream, because all the shoes were my size (8, if you must know). 

James and I did not end up together, but I ended up with the type of shoes that Charlize Theron most definitely would have worn in Two Days in the Valley. 

So that means I win.  Because James might notice me tomorrow night. 



  1. James Spader and I have a lot in common--neither of us can wear contact lenses because our eyes are so lousy.
    He did have great hair.

  2. He is sure to notice you in the fancy new shoes!

  3. Just a little FYI: James has been in a long term relationship with his co-star (The Stickup & Alien Hunter), Leslie Stefanson, for over 10 years. They have a 4 1/2 year old son. Leslie is retired from acting, and is now a professional sculptress.

  4. I LOVE shoes and this fun, fun dream! It had me laughing more with each paragraph! "sorry, Hon, I don’t control this stuff" = hilarious!!!

  5. What a fun dream for sure!! Quite an imagination I must say!! It would be cool to have a shoe truck!

  6. LOL great dream! I hope the food & foot truck rolls into my dreams.
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  7. I need the size 9 truck. Is is coming by?

  8. But which James was it? Stargate era James, or Boston Legal era James?

  9. Love this! You nailed James Spader. So to speak. Stopping by from A-Z. Good to meet you.

  10. A shoe dream??? THAT is awesome. James Spader and his sardonic grin was just the frosting on the shoes! ;)

  11. Pretty in Pink James? I could maybe go for his swarmy self. Less Than Zero James?? Ugghhh, he was awful to poor Julian.
    He certainly does satisfy the secret 'bad boy' crush syndrome most of us gals have at one time or another.
    Good luck on your dream sequel. Let me know if the shoes worked;)

  12. Mmmm, shoe truck. What a great dream, all around. I won't tell you who I dream about but I don't get any attention either. Alas. I'm probably much safer with the shoes anyway. ha!

  13. James Spader was cute when he was younger. I'm not so impressed now -- even with his acting.

  14. Cute as can be.

    I walk around in stiletto heels all day and the first thing I do when I get home is delegate them to some dark position in the cupboard. My feet love me then...

    Thanks for the visit and your very kind words. :)


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