Friday, April 19, 2013

941. Q Is for Quote

My sons constantly say things that amuse me.  Here is the latest example (courtesy of my 6-year-old): 

SHORT:  Mommy... I need to ask you something.  Do I have a birth mother?
MOV:  (trying hard not to laugh) Yes, of course you do.  

SHORT:  Who is it? 

MOV:  Me.   

MOV:  I said, it's me. 

SHORT:  No, Mommy, seriously.

Turns out, someone is his class has a birth mother and shared that detail during morning announcements.  Now Short is obsessed with finding out who his real birth mother is, and was truly disappointed to find out that I am both the mother raising him AND his birth mother. 
Poor thing. 



  1. I love it. We deal with birth mother's all the time. We recently found my husband's family and we adopted our grandson. Unfortunately for him, I am not his birth mother. According to him, I am so much meaner. It's interesting that at six, they are having that discussion. Kids are so much smarter than we used to be although I was convinced (at a young age) that my mother wore a mask and I constantly asked her to remove it.

  2. How adorable! I'm sure you will both share a good laugh when you recite this to him when he's older :)

  3. Great story. It's lovely that you have captured these stories of your children as they grow. In the future it will be a treasure for them. I realize that the three years I've been writing my blog has documented my relationship with my growing grand daughters.

  4. I wish my kids had a birth mother. Then I wouldn't have been cussing so much when I was demanding an epidural.

  5. Ha Ha he's adorable!

    I wished I had a birth mother too but for other reasons:P

  6. Just remember that life is more interesting when your imaginary view of reality is more real to you than actual reality. That's the way cats experience the world every day. True story.

  7. The Hurricane often says she wishes she didn't look so much like me so she could pretend she's not with me when we got out in public together. I guess it bugs her when I sing and dance and wear funny hats.


  8. That is hilarious!!! There will be a day that he is ecstatic to realize that YOU really are his birth mother.

  9. Too funny! I think I went through a phase where I was SURE I was adopted. I don't know why that happens, but it seems like a fairly common kid thought. I know one day he'll be very, very glad that YOU are his birth mother. :-)


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