Wednesday, February 29, 2012

687. Leap Blog Day Guest Blogger: We Band of Mothers!

(After months of planning and preparation and secret emails back and forth, I step aside on this, Leap Blog Day, and give you the first of my two very special guest bloggers, Marianne from We Band of Mothers.  When you are finished reading these two posts, please hop on over to Marianne's blog to read the posts by her guest bloggers.  About forty different bloggers are participating in the hop!  and then come back in a couple of hours and I will be posting my second mystery guest blogger!) 

I have been taking anti-anxiety medication since MOV asked me to guest-blog. I’ve embarked on about a dozen different blog entries and systematically scrapped them all. At first, I was going to offer an homage to MOV using my beloved collection of vintage Fisher Price Little People:

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>
MOV as career woman

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>
MOV as Mom

I was then going to juxtapose those images with my slightly different take on motherhood:

<><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><><><>
Marianne as Mom

Yet every time I set up another “scene,” my camera batteries would go dead or my youngest would start stealing my Little People. I saw it as a sign from God to move on.

I then veered into the world of boring introductions (“Hey! I’m Marianne from We Band of Mothers and I am SUPER COOL!”). Totally not funny or interesting. This was harder than I thought.

I tried next to pick up on some of MOV’s favorite topics (Target, imagined relationships with famous people, etc.). Yet in reviewing my work, I found that MOV did it better, funnier, and first. I didn’t even bother saving those drafts.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I was having such a hard time. MOV had given me weeks and weeks to come up with something brilliant. I had no problem writing two other guest posts for other bloggers. Yet for whatever reason, I hit a mental roadblock every time I sat down to write for Mother of Brothers Blog. That’s when it dawned on me.

I totally had a blog crush.

You bloggers know what I’m talking about. You build these cyber-relationships with people you have never met. Yet for whatever reason, you click. You get each other. You share bonds, similarities, and countless stories.

Trying to write for MOV’s blog was like trying to decide what to wear on a first date with a guy you really like. You want to look good, but not like you’re trying too hard. You want to be yourself, but yourself without the snorkel laugh and big zit on your chin. You want to be cool.

I am not cool.

But I do have a knack for making everybody else around me feel better about themselves. I’m 6 feet tall, so I am always the biggest dork in the room. I wore maternity clothes for years after I had kids because they were just so darn comfortable. I still think Donny Osmond is the sexiest man to have ever lived (even though he won't return my calls and his security people know who I am).

You see where I’m coming from.

So thank you, MOV, for this awesome opportunity to share my own brand of Blog Geek with your devoted followers.  It's always a special day when the big girl gets invited to the prom. 

Because even big girls like to dance.

** This piece written especially for Leap Blog Day (list of blogs HERE) by the brilliant and über-talented Marianne, famous writer for Chicago Parent Magazine and also the founder of the hysterically funny blog We Band of Mothers.

*** So where is MOV blogging today?  You can find me guest-writing in two spots:  Kirb Appeal and Haley's Comic.  Enjoy the hop!  And please consider "following" some of these new blogs!


  1. I love your vintage Little People! Despite the choking risk, they're really so much cooler than the modern little people. And I know exactly what you mean about blog crushes. Because I kind of have one on MOV. AND you. Ha!

  2. Beautiful Marianne! Love the little people. Honest and warm hearted post. I really get the blog crush thing too.

  3. Marianne, more little people please!
    For someone who didn't know what to say, you've done a remarkable job.
    Really enjoying these guest posts.

  4. Hey, Marianne, we can be tall geeks together! (I'm 5'10 -- does that count?) Nice job.

  5. Hey Marianne! Good job! You have something there with your little people pictures-what a great idea.
    Don't feel bad about wearing maternity clothes that long; sometimes when no one is around I put on my wife's elastic jeans and sashay around the room.
    It makes me feel like I am on vacation.

  6. What a great post! Love, love, love ...

    ... I'm hear because of the fabulous Kirby at Kirb Appeal ...

    ... and I will now toil away my morning by following your blog hop.

    Thanks for the distraction ...



  7. Words cannot express how much I love those Little People scenes! I think you did a great job on your guest post! Also, I totally get blog crushes too. I was SO nervous when I asked MOV to guest post on my blog. Luckily, that doesn't show up in an e-mail, so she still thinks I'm totally sane. Probably. Well, maybe a little sane.

  8. Stephanie - thank you for your awesome post today and the mass influx of Canadian readers! Canada rules!

    Julie - you know I love you, too, right? In a non-creepy, blogger kinda way. (;

    Andrea - it's good to be here! I even put my hair up for the occasion. (:

    Lily - thank you! I know, I know. I always meant to get crackin' on some Little People stuff, but I have a tendency to procrastinate. I'll start...soon.

    thecousewife - we can so be tall geeks together. Have you discovered JC Penney's ULTRA tall jeans? They allow me to wear like 5 inch heels without issue. Beautiful, beautiful thing.

    Gweenbrick - we are so dragging your massively appealing (and maternity-wearing) butt into the next guest blogger go-around. I call dibs.

    Linda - you must tell me how to follow your blog! I couldn't figure it out. But then again, I'm not very smart. True story.

    Haley - sanity is over-rated and I think you totally out-did yourself on today's guest blog. One of your best. Genuine belly laughs. Please don't ever stop.

    1. Marianne - can you pretend to love me in a creepy kind of way, I could do with some excitement.

  9. Marianne,

    I am beyond grateful to you for guest blogging for me on Leap Blog Day! Thank you so much for injecting your playful side into my blog. It's like a breath of fresh air (well, not so much a breath of fresh "air" as a breath of fresh restaurant smell, but a *nice* restaurant with menus, not the kind where you order at the counter). Anyway, you make me blush because I totally have a bloggy crush on you as well but was just too shy to mention it. Consider it mentioned.

    (let's not wait another four years to do this again.......)

  10. Shucks, MOV. Right back atchya.


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