Saturday, October 15, 2011

541. Modify The Right Word

So Tall and I are reading Ezra Jack Keats’ childhood classic, “The Snowy Day,” a book we have read a million gazillion times, if not more. Tall has morphed from the child who liked picture books to the one engrossed in real chapter books. Normally, he rebuffs my offers to read cute books like this one, but for some unknown reason, he is indulging me.

We get to the part where Peter has come back inside after playing in the snow:

“Peter tells his mother all about his adventures while she helps him take off his dirty socks.”

(turn the page)

“And then he thought about them and thought about them and thought about them. He could not stop thinking about them.”

This is when Tall laughs for about 20 minutes straight. His rich giggle reverberates and consumes his small room. He is well-aware that the author is referring to the adventures, but he jokingly interprets it as Peter thinking about the dirty socks.

“Why would Peter want to spend so much time thinking about his dirty socks? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hahahaha!”

Tall climbs into his bed and pulls up the covers.

“Too bad the author didn’t have my teacher. She would never let him write like that,” says Tall matter-of-factly. “She would read his essay, pull him aside, and then—ZIP!—right into the trash!”



  1. Had that book in my hand TODAY but thought the 1 year old had a little more Where's Spot in her right now. But once I purchase it (and it is one of my all time favorites and I am REALLY old) I will never look at it the same again. Thanks Tall...I see the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

  2. Patty, Tall really does have a wicked sense of humor, very adult sometimes. This summer, we were at a park and some cute other boys (maybe ages 4 and 5) were dressed up in firemen costumes just for fun. A real firetruck went blaring past the park, and without missing a beat, Tall turns to those boys and says completely deadpan, "Hey! Aren't you late for work?" I just about died.

    WHERE does he get it?!


  3. Dee from Tennessee

    Oh, I LOVE the comment about "Aren't you late for work?" LOVE LOVE LOVE it and ya know what that indicates IQ wise......up, up, up. I would like to have been in the corner when Tall did the teacher thing ZIP - right into the trash! What a treasure -- you will be able to tell his future wife in a million years...."well, one time Tall...."


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