Friday, October 14, 2011

540. My Son Could Totally Get A Job With Hallmark

So I am putting Short to bed (Tall is still in the shower) and I lean down to give him a hug and a kiss goodnight. He throws his chubby little five-year-old arms around my neck and says

“I’ll always keep your kisses, Mommy. They’ll always fit in my heart.”

I swoon.

Then I remember back to what Tall used to say to me in the same situation at the same age:

“Mom? Could you not lean in so close? You have bad breath.”



  1. From the mouths of babes. . .My sister has 2 sons, they are just like that. The oldest is bam, to the point and if you don't care for it, too bad. Our baby boy (who will be 21 in March and is taller than his big brother) is the sweetest thing ever. How does that happen??

  2. LOOOOL! I've just spat the last dregs of my coffee at the computer screen whilst laughing out loud to this.:0)

  3. Sandi, I am glad you can relate. My sons are so different from each other!

    Lily, maybe it was time to clean the ol' computer screen anyway. Best advice: Follow the coffee spit bath with a super-soft microfiber cloth purchased at the high-end kitchen store. I know of what I speak. I am spitting/ choking on vodka (oops, meant to type "coffee") every time I read your blog.



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