Friday, September 28, 2012

852. My Son Is A Martian

Lately when Tall comes home from school, he immediately opens his backpack, takes out his papers, then sits down at the dining room table and does his homework. 

He is eight. 
This type of behavior is perplexing to me, as I always did my homework in front of the TV.  Or mostly I sat in front of the TV and forgot all about my homework and then got yelled at by my math teacher the next afternoon.  Where did this sensible behavior come from? 

It was becoming more and more obvious to me by the day:  Tall had been switched at birth.  But I don’t mean by some careless nurse who had worked a double shift and was too tired to notice that one baby was blond and one baby was a red-head, or that one baby was super intelligent and the other was an idiot.  I mean that aliens came down from outer space and took my genetically average son and replaced him with one of genius caliber. 
I am not complaining.

Most days it comes in handy to have a resident future-Mensa individual living in the house.  Certain situations arise where I might need help, situations like setting up the DVD player, programing my phone, or plugging in the coffee maker.  Tall is able to offer assistance with all of these. 
It’s just … I kind of feel sorry for those Martians out there with my real son. 



  1. Hope that alien habit lasts several more years! May e they don't have homework on other planets.

  2. Hmm, could you send those Martians our way? Homework isn't a fun time in our house. It's getting better, but not more fun.

  3. I have an alien as well. Scary smart. And then 2 normal smart. I think he was sent to protect us. Because we aren't that smart. We need him.

  4. You don't have to yell at him to get him to sit down and do homework? He just does it? That's one scary kid.


  5. You probably accidentally signed up for one of those martian foreign exchange student programs. It was probably something you "agreed" to that last time you updated itunes.

  6. First of all, let me just give you a big "thumbs up" on how you are rearing the little alien boy. Good job.

    I, too thought that maybe my daughter was a switched at birth because she has always excelled at EVERYTHING which couldn't of come directly from either of her parents. As she looks a lot like me, I now have figured out that there was some reprogramming of DNA that was ordered by some "higher power" computer geek during her formation. Think of it as my kid was refragmented, rebooted and formatted in utero. She is the Windows 8 to my Windows 3.1 or maybe even OS/2.

  7. This post explains a lot... I was like your son when I was a kid so now I know the truth.. I am a martian!

  8. My 8yo son does the same thing. Now I know why!


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