Wednesday, November 17, 2010

217. 10 Reasons Why I Am More Qualified Than Kate To Be Queen

So after channeling Princess Di to get her take on this disastrous turn of events, I thought I’d compile a list of why I am infinitely more qualified to be Queen of England than Kate Whatsername. William, take note:
  1. I don’t have a phony British accent (I think an American accent is so refreshing!)
  2. I know how to act in any situation (except maybe when meeting Important Heads of State or Nosy Reporters, but thankfully, that wouldn’t be part of the job description, would it?)
  3. I have impeccable manners (and I hardly ever swear, unless it is absolutely the right situation—think maybe once per week at most)
  4. I write a mean thank you note (wait—I don’t mean “mean” mean, I mean “really awesome and perfect” mean)
  5. I never offend anyone ever (as long as you don’t count the UPS guy yesterday when I made that joke about how they must not pay him very well because he always wears the same thing or, basically, anyone who has ever read—or been the topic of—any of my previous blog postings)
  6. I love diamonds (perhaps Kate does too, but I assure you, I love them more)
  7. I look really really good in diamonds
  8. I would be very grateful to have a personal chef (and as a devoted fan of “Top Chef”, I could talk for hours to the chef and give him my good advice and opinions and even critiques—I know he’d love that)
  9. Did I mention I am willing to move to London?
  10. Castles don’t bother me (in fact, I often refer to my 800 sq. ft. home as a “castle”)
  11. I am willing to travel to other countries as part of being a Princess/ Queen (I’m a former flight attendant, so I’m, like, totally prepared)
That's actually 11 reasons. See? Overachiever.

("My Overseas Villa")


  1. Is this an exception to your volunteering rule?

    Cindy G.

  2. Absolute exception. I will volunteer to be Princess/ Queen any day of the week.


  3. I'm down with it. You can certainly be next the Queen of England. :)


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