Friday, November 12, 2010

203. My 6-Year-Old Explains Basic English

So we’re sitting at the dinner table and Tall takes it upon himself to explain to us how to categorize the letter “Y”.

“Pop,” he begins, innocently enough, “did you know that in a lot of cases, the letter ‘Y’ is considered a valve?”

“A what?” I interrupt, trying hard not to smirk.

“It makes a sound like the ‘I-E’ combination, so therefore it is considered not to be a continent.”

“A continent?” Hand covering face now.

He ignores me. “Pop, do you know what year they declared the letter ‘Y’ to be both a continent and a valve? Was it 1997? I know it was a long time ago.”

The Husband cannot help himself and nearly snorts milk out his nose. He says the first thing he can think of. “Tall, I believe it was longer ago than that.”

“Oh, you’re right. Yeah, yeah, I think it was 1992. Does that sound right?”

I must hear him say these things again. “1992 was the year for what exactly, Tall?”

Heavy sigh. Mom is so stupid. “Moooooooommmmmmm. You KNOW what I was talking about! Why do you do that?! 1992 was the year that the letter ‘Y’ was offensively considered to be both a VALVE and a CONTINENT! I wish you would pay attention and get it right the first time so you wouldn’t have to keep asking me!”

Don’t worry, Tall. I’ll wait until tomorrow to ask you again. I’ll just keep playing it over and over in my brain until then.

("Magnitude Of Valves")


  1. That is so very, very funny! I'm placing my own 7yr old in my mental picture and laughing very loudly!
    Love, Anne x

  2. I love it! I just found your blog off of a post you made on the PW site.

    If it makes you feel better, last night we went to a going away party for my sons' tae kwon do teacher. Before we left, my eight year old asked if it was time to go to the Master's "Go Away" party. :0)

  3. Really funny, MOV.

    My little girl used to ask if we were going to ride in the aligator when we were going up or down a few flights.

    Cindy Graham

  4. "The Y is a valve and a continent" SO FUNNY!! And you, the parents, didn't know the year they decided to come up with all this...tsk tsk tsk.


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