Monday, November 8, 2010

196. It's That Time Again

  • wall clock in study; 
  • wall clock in kids’ toy room; 
Main floor:
  • decorative clock on fireplace mantle in living room;
  • thermometer/clock combo on top of TV;  
  • no less than four (4) clocks in kitchen, including stove, coffee maker, timer, and wall clock;
  • master bedroom contains two bedside alarm clocks (one for each of us);
  • several wristwatches on dresser (minimum two each);
  • each son has his own watch (not that they know how to tell time, but it’s good to own one, don’t you think?);
  • clock on dresser;
  • plus wall clock in laundry room (why?);
Outside (?!):
  • my car has one dashboard clock as does 
  • The Husband’s truck.  
Grand Total: 19 (or more) time pieces.

Late Sunday evening, I spent approximately 48 minutes re-setting all the clocks and watches we own, which begs the question: Daylight Savings Time? Really, Savings? Or is Daylight Losings Time a little more accurate?

(“Musing On Validity”)

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