Monday, October 11, 2010

163. Hurry + Rush Interview

I received a lot of positive feedback from yesterday's Fun interview. It got me thinking: who can I interview next? I decided to see if brothers Hurry and Rush were available. They didn’t have a lot of time for the interview, but they did stop by briefly.

MOV: Welcome, gentleman! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with…
Rush: (interrupting) Is this going to take long?
MOV: No, uh, sorry. Okay, so my first question is, are you guys twins?
Hurry: We get that a lot, but no, we’re not twins. I’m two years older.
Rush: Plus, I think we look completely different. I would say that I’m more polished, whereas Hurry here is a little more… disheveled.
Hurry: Hey! That’s not a nice thing to say!
Rush: True, though.
MOV: Moving right along. Hurry, I wanted to address your, uh, driving record.
Hurry: (heavy sigh) What is there to talk about? So I’ve gotten a few speeding tickets. In the big scheme of things, I mean, who cares?
Rush: (under his breath): If you call a thousand a “few”.
Hurry: (squinting his eyes at Rush) I heard that. Anyway, as I was saying, my driving record is a non-issue.
Rush:  (quietly) That's because you've had your license revoked. 
Hurry:  I'm not deaf, you know.  Next question, please.
MOV: How were you as students back in high school and college?
Rush: Well, I was captain of my track team! We set all kinds of new records. Then, I competed in the Olympics in Beijing, which was always a lifetime dream.
MOV:  Wow!  The Olympics.  That's quite an accomplishment:  I'm impressed.  Did you earn a medal? 
Rush:  No, there was some amazing competition, so, no, I didn't medal.  But just the honor of competing and representing our......
Hurry:  (under his breath) He was disqualified.
MOV:  Excuse me, what was that? 
Hurry:  I said, he was disqualified
MOV:  What happened, Rush? 
Rush:  I had, uh, two or three false starts, so they, uh, they pulled me from the competition. 
MOV:  Oh, I'm so sorry.  I didn't know. 
Rush:  It's okay, that was a long time ago.       
MOV: All right, new topic.  Hurry, I hear that you have issues getting up in the morning?  You find it difficult to remember to set your alarm clock?
Hurry: Ugh. That’s true. At night, I’m tired, I just want to go to sleep, so it’s really the last thing I’m thinking about.
MOV: Hurry, how does your “personality type” affect your every day life?
Hurry: What do you mean, “personality type”?
MOV: Someone that never allows enough time for things? Someone who has unrealistic expectations for how long things will take? Are you late a lot?
Rush: I can answer that. The whole thing is: we try not to be late. I know I’m guilty of trying to squeeze too many things in to my day. For both of us, we try to be realistic, but something always pops up that you can’t control. For example, besides traffic, which we already touched on with the whole driving thing, just standing in line makes me crazy.
Hurry: Me, too! Hate it!
Rush: Standing in line just strikes me as such a huge waste of time. I read somewhere that the average person spends nine years of their life waiting in line. 
MOV: I have to admit, Hurry, I have been in line behind you at Starbucks and it’s not a pretty sight. You seem to roll your eyes and make exaggerated sighs like all the other customers are purposely trying to hold you up………….
Rush: Ha ha ha! That’s true! Bro, you do that! Ha! She nailed it!
Hurry: (sheepish) I’ve been known to cut in line.
MOV: That’s what I was just getting to: you cut in front of me that day. You said, “I am really running late here, can I go ahead of you?” and before I even had a chance to say yes or no, boom, you were ordering!
Rush: Dude, that’s rude. You should apologize.
Hurry: Oh, like you’ve never done it, Mr. Perfect?
Rush: You owe the girl an apology.  Make it snappy. 
Hurry: Sorry.
MOV: I accept.
Hurry/ Rush: (in unison) Are we almost done here?
MOV: Yeah, uh, sure. Just one more question: Hurry, you have a reputation for not liking kids. Care to comment?
Hurry: MOV, I see by the photos around your living room that you do have kids, so I want you to know I am not trying to offend you. But, yes, kids drive me insane. They want to stop and pick up things. Every. Single. Dandelion. Ugh! Or rocks! Or sticks! Stop and look, stop and poke at something, shoelace comes untied, forgot his sweater…..
Rush: We do avoid kids, for the most part.
Hurry: I’ve had to baby-sit my niece, Lollygag, a couple times and I thought I would have a nervous breakdown. She wanted to watch a video, and she kept having me rewind back to the funny part. I’m all, like, come on! You just saw it! It’s not funny anymore the 17th time!
MOV: You have a niece?
Hurry: Well, I call her my niece, but she’s really my cousin’s daughter. Close enough. My cousin is really really great with kids. She looooooves kids, could just hang out with them all day.
MOV: Have I met your cousin?
Hurry: Of course, everyone has. Her name is Play.
MOV: (impressed) Play is your cousin? I love her! Gosh, I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. I’m always so busy. I need to have her over. When we were kids, she used to come over all the time! She always has such great ideas of activities we could…..
Rush: (pointing at watch, and starting to stand up) MOV, we gotta go.
MOV: You’re right. That’s all the time we have. Thank you, gentlemen, for talking with me today.

Stay tuned for more interesting interviews with some of your favorite people.

(“Montage Of Voices”)

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