Sunday, October 3, 2010

154. 3 AM

Things You Can Get Done From 3 AM--7 AM: 
  1. You can finish reading that book you started several weeks ago (book not that great, shouldn't have bothered)
  2. You can get caught up on TiVo'd shows and watch about 17 episodes of "House Hunters" back-to-back-to-back (including International episodes!)
  3. You can delete any TiVo'd shows that you don't really plan to ever watch, specifically show that The Husband and Tall might have taped (sorry, guys--the TiVo memory was getting low) 
  4. You can polish off half a container of champagne-flavored gummy candies that you bought last shift at the high-end kitchen store (realize after the fact that was not the best idea ever)
  5. You can read any emails that might have come in mostly from Old Navy and Amazon, and you can spend 45 minutes deleting old emails that you saved for no apparent reason (emails with titles like "I can drive tonight" dated 6-24-08, or "Game cancelled" dated 9-12-09)
  6. You can pet cat on your lap for a long time, because she obviously is not a victim of insomnia 
  7. You can look through about 436 old catalogs and magazines (hello? Purge-O-Rama time!)
  8. Can make about a million lists:  lists of places you want to travel to, list of Christmas presents you might buy for people, lists of favorite restaurants  
Things You Cannot Do From 3 AM-- 7 AM (because it will cause too much noise and wake up poor unsuspecting sleepers of household, namely everyone but you):
  1. You cannot work-out with fun energetic new work-out video set to pop music
  2. You cannot work-out on expensive exercise bike in basement because the wheels go around in a noisy way
  3. You cannot vacuum even though living room really needs it
  4. Ditto dishes
  5. Can't make brownies or cupcakes (mixer is too loud)
  6. Can't do any cleaning
  7. Can't talk on phone (uh, who else is awake?  have friends in Australia?)
Overall, general conclusion is that the best activity to accomplish at 3 AM is, in fact, sleeping

("Mom Overtired? Very")

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