Wednesday, April 27, 2011

392. Reminder Girl

Although I don't usually wear a red cape, I have a superhero role in life, and that role is: Reminder Girl. I am the one in my immediate family and in my circle of friends who ever-so-slightly nudges people to remember things. Some people might call this “nagging,” I prefer to see it in a more positive light.

Forget when your dentist appointment is? No problem, I remember. Do we have soccer practice on Tuesdays or Thursdays this season? Ask me. When should you turn in your special school project/ taxes/ mail a birthday card/ respond back to a party invitation? I know all this, and more.

When you wake up, I will remind you to write a check for the PTA fundraiser or your son’s school lunches. As you are walking out the door, I will let you know that the forecast is predicting storms, so you need a raincoat. Oh, and take the Netflix movie with you and drop it in the mailbox on your way to work. Did you put your homework in your folder or record your minutes on your reading log? No? That’s okay, I will prompt you.

All this reminding is wearing me out. No one reminds me of anything. I have to do enough reminding for three other people and a cat, plus myself. Self, remember to pick up Tall’s prescription. Self, the deadline for Short’s school registration forms is this week. Self, did you request off from work for the 26th? Better get on it.

My friends all know that when they schedule playdates with my children, they don’t even need to bother writing it on their calendar. Why would they? I will just email them a friendly note the night before:

Subject: Confirm Playdate Tomorrow.
Lisa, Short is so excited to come over and see Dylan tomorrow at 10 AM to play. See you then!

If I am going to the movies with a bunch of girlfriends, they’re all well aware that I will find out which theater, the start time, and coordinate carpooling. They can just sit back and relax, maybe take a quick nap while I figure everything out.

Is this a Virgo thing? Is this a mom thing? Is this a wife thing? What is this thing, this reminder thing, that has consumed my life? I am not being paid for it, although obviously I would make a damn fine office manager or personal assistant to a famous movie star, if only I could parlay this talent into a lucrative job.

That reminds me, I need to work on my resume.

(“Me: Obsessive Virgo”)


  1. i think it's a virgo thing... and a capricorn thing, too!! because remembering things sure hasn't improved with mommyhood for me! in fact if it doesn't exist in my calendar, it doesn't exist. i just hope i remembered to write everything down! my memory left me with my placenta.

  2. oh,I should clarify: I have a calendar that is permanently attached to my hand, and I wave it around like a miniature flag. NONE of these reminders I give people are from my actual brain (if, indeed, it still exists): no. The reminders come from the calendar plus the eight thousand little post-it notes taped around my house like floating dandelion spores.
    oh, that reminds me, we are almost out of post-it notes..........

  3. My friends have gotten so used to me reminding them about things that recently one of them forgot something and I got a "why didn't you remind me?" Ugh!

  4. Haha, I so relate. I am Reminder Girl in my household. I don't mind it sometimes, but when I have to choose between becoming Relentless Nagging Girl and allowing the naggee in question to forget to perform their task/fulfill their obligation, it gets old. Anyway, great post.


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