Wednesday, February 26, 2014

986. If I Get Your Name Sorta Right, It Should Still Count

For some strange reason, I was not blessed with the DNA coding to remember people’s names correctly.  Fortunately, I can remember that I do know the person, and that we had a long chat about where their daughter is going to college or about how their cat might have to have surgery, but then the part about their actual name?  Not so much. 
Sharon?  I want to call her Karen. 
Winnie?  Let’s make that Wendy. 
Brad?  How about Bob. 
JoAnna?  I’ll change that to Jessica. 
I should get points though, right?  Partial credit?  It means I was paying a tiny bit of attention at some point, but maybe not all the way. 
The Husband (big surprise here) does not quite agree with me. 
“If you know you forgot their name, why don’t you avoid it all together?  Because if you get the name wrong, it’s not like in math class where you get some points for showing your work.  You lose points.  It is better to not say a name at all and then you stay at zero points instead of negative.”
Zero points?  Who wants to stay at zero points?!? I want the possibility to earn points!  
I call the kids in for their opinions. 
“Grande, Little, Mommy wants to ask you something.”
“It’s Tall and Short, Mom.” 


  1. For some reason I could always remember kids' names, but not their parents (you know, the ones I should have been friends with). I used to just come clean and tell them I forgot, then wrote their name down in a sort of study guide when I got home. Keep striving for that partial credit MAVE!

  2. Lol.. I have a few acquaintances - actual people I talk to almost every day - whose names I could not tell you if my life depended on it. I just didn't catch it the first time, and now it's embarrassing to ask. So everyone is "Hi!" It works.

    xo JoAnna

  3. I'm bad with names too. Though my problem is that when I first meet someone for some reason my brain goes into overload mode in taking in everything about this person that it doesn't pay any attention to them telling me their name. Thus I've already forgotten their name 3 seconds after meeting them. Or maybe it's more like their name never registered in my brain in the first place. It's weird.

  4. Sometimes you just have to smile and say, "Hey, Buddy!"


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