Wednesday, August 8, 2012

826. Word Cut - The Dog Walker

Hello bloggy pals! 

Since I do not have an essay today for my blog, mothersofbrothersblog, I thought I would direct you to my own personal splinter blog, Word Cut, where I write short flash fiction pieces predominantly for a writing site that runs online contests (no prizes, just bragging rights).  I did come in 3rd once, but I prefer to tell everyone I came in first 3 times.  Yeah, that sounds better. 

Anyway, please check out my latest short piece of fiction (less than 400 words -- which is shorter than the pieces I do in this space), and let me know what you think!  Here is the link:  Word Cut

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!  (Remember:  it is fiction.)



  1. Interesting. I tell my daughter that she'd better hurry up and find a man before she gets too old to trade on her cuteness. Only halfway joking.
    Bad Mothers, Unite!

  2. I agree it does sound better to come in 1st 3 x's hmmm you think of some really witty, clever, smart, cool, have I covered all the GREATEST compliments possible?? Well you are pretty darn cool so I will keep it simply with that, I am now on my way over to check out Word Cut ;] have a great Day!

  3. You are clever in fiction as well. Fiction huh? You mean you don't really have a bitchy mom and walk dogs for a living? And I thought I was getting to know you so well.


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