Saturday, January 29, 2011

313. Alarmed Clock

Tall wakes up every day around 7 AM, whether it's a school day or a weekend.  So it came as somewhat of a surprise when he begged me to buy him an alarm clock.  I say "somewhat of a surprise," because the particular clock in question was shaped like a StarWars clone trooper.

I told him he could use his Christmas money if he really wanted to buy it.  Twenty-eight dollars later, he was the proud owner of an alarm clock.

When we got home, he immediately set the alarm for 7:05 AM.  This went on for a few days, and he woke up happily when it beeped, and his brother Short also was beeped out of bed, and took this latest variation in his routine like a trooper (pun intended).

Then, the slightly mischievous side of Tall came out.  He set his alarm for 7:05 AM, and placed it on my nightstand.  On a Friday night.  When I don't have to wake up early on Saturday. 

Oh, yes, he has inherited someone's sense of humor (I won't say who, but she is identified in these blog essays by three initials).

Next, I was putting Short to bed this evening, and I noticed a glimmer of something white and plastic hiding under his bed.  Yep, Tall had set the alarm and placed the offending clock under his little brother's bed.  On a Saturday night.  When no one needs to get up early on Sunday. 

I can hardly wait until April Fool's Day.  It used to be my own personal favorite holiday, but something tells me some new traditions will be created in our household this spring. 

("Mischievous Or Villainous"?)

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