Tuesday, January 4, 2011

285. Angry Tsunami Of Toys

I’m drowning in toys. Plastic parts, wooden bases, metal poking-out-things; they are everywhere. When our house is quiet and still, they breed.

My children do not play with all of them. Of course they have their so-called “favorites” (today that honor goes to a “Bionicle”), but somehow they quickly lose interest. Unfortunately, the time-span of adoration is in inverse proportion to the monetary cost of the toy.

  • Empty paper towel roll (piece of cardboard), cost= 0.00……….. child will not part with, even amidst begs and bribes (“It’s a piece of trash! Play with your real toys!”). Uses item as a telescope or to play the drums or as a weapon to antagonize brother.
  • Building set with complicated instructions and 329 pieces, cost= $85………. This is the toy the child could not live without (“I will die if Santa does not bring me this!”), and now the child is no longer interested in it upon realizing how frustrating and time-consuming it is to build.
I cannot bear to get rid of this expensive toy, even though it sits on the shelf mocking us (“You bought me last year! I’m dusty now, no one has even looked in my direction for 11 months!”).  It was rated in the Top 10 by the American Pediatric Committee for stimulating learning toys. 

And yet…..

My 4–year-old pulls small pebbles from his pockets. “I like these,” he grins. (No Junior Archeology Kit required.)

Yesterday my 7-year-old rescued the 2010 calendar from the recycle bin because he wanted to make collages from the pictures………… I ask you, why did I buy an Budding Artist Starter Set for him?

Next Christmas, I vow to save money: my kids are getting some tinfoil and maybe a few leaves.


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