Thursday, November 3, 2011

565. Here's An Example

Why do little children often sound like miniature drunk people?

Overheard at the school bus-stop at 8:15 on Monday morning (yes, Halloween):

Tiny Cute Blond Girl, age 3, sibling of first-grader: “Mommy, why is it light out here? You told me we were going to go trick-or-treating this day, and it has to be dark for that! Why is it light right now? Where is the candy? What is going on?!?”

Now, take that same phrase and stick it in an adult’s mouth. What do you have? Wasted.



  1. Yeah, that's about right. Boy 2 (4 years old) keeps saying "Tomorrow night when it's Halloween night I'm going to be Cat in the Hat." Um, but Halloween was days ago. It's over. To him "tomorrow night" is "next year." Or "next year" is "tomorrow night." I dunno'.

  2. For Joey, everything is next Saturday. "On Saturday, it will be my birthday." Or "On SATURDAY, I will learn to tie my shoe." Always on Saturday. I like little drunk confused children. Gives me some people to laud my vast intellect over.

  3. couse, marianne-- love it!!

    Short's favorite thing to say (which I have been wanting to work into a blog, but I guess it is going to have to be a comment instead) is:

    "A long long day ago" which translates to "a long time ago" or "last week" or "5 minutes ago". We're still not sure which. It is kind of an all-inclusive phrase.


  4. I seem to remember hearing "in a long, long day" from Boy 1 (age 7). Ahhh, the memories.


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