Saturday, March 19, 2011

363. Chirp

I’m in the living room when I hear it: chirp! I look around, trying to place where the noise is coming from. It is squeaky and high-pitched and apparently originating from the smoke detector. I climb up on a dining room chair to get closer to the offending sound. Nothing.

I pause to listen again. There it is: chirp! I’ve just finished making cookies, perhaps I left the timer on by mistake? This fancy digital timer (purchased at the high-end kitchen store) is actually composed of three separate timers, so it takes me a minute to click on each one individually to see if any of them are responsible for the chirp.


Maybe I am hearing things? Maybe there is no chirping?

Chirp, chirp! There it is again. Now I am beyond frustrated. Is it the washing machine? Is it my cell phone? Camera? Computer? TV? What is making that incessant chirping sound?

In an act of utter desperation and futility, I turn to Short and ask, “Do you hear that chirping?”

He nods, his face solemn. “Of course I hear it, Mommy,” he confirms.

“Do you know what it is, Short? Do you know what is making the noise then?” I ask, trying to pry the secret information from him.

He points to the open kitchen window. Sitting on the ledge is a small—

“Bird, Mommy. It’s a bird.”

Of course. His little birdy beak opens and closes and chirpy bird music comes out. It’s Spring.

(“Music, Ostensibly Verse”)


  1. Gotta love the little birds that perch on your window sill. Drives my cats crazy. ;)

  2. Hah! It's the simplest things, huh? :)

    I once nearly killed my mother and I as a tiny child by urging her to "look at the bird" so emphatically while she was driving that she veered all over the place, checking trees, earth sky and hedgerows --- its was my Highlights Magazine cartoon bird stickers I'd pasted to the bottom corner of my car window.

  3. Le'Ann, it drives my (indoor)cat crazy too! She stalks them from inside the window, as if she can do any damage to them. Ha ha.
    Kana, love that story! My mom said once when I was 3 or 4 I was terrified of this bug I'd noticed in the bathroom. Upon closer inspection, my mom told me it was just a feather. Me, not knowing what a feather was (a variation of a bug?) said in a hesitant voice, "Does it got eyes?"


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