Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7. Alphabet Soup

Absolute authority is what I’ve got
Brandished on me. It’s a heavy weight when you are surrounded by
Chaos, and
Dying to see a movie (any movie, just get me out of the house).
........I remind myself that my children are really just tiny
Fragile on the inside, try to be careful what you put into their brains.
Giggly, is how they sound (except when they’re crying or screaming at each other).
..........They are the pieces that comprise my
Heart now. And yet, I find myself saddened at how
Ineffective my parenting can be sometimes to these human
Jumping beans. I am barely
Keeping my sanity. So many
Lessons to teach (but mostly I am the one learning).
“Mother”—an honor (and yet a curse at times; what happened to MY identity?).
...........The word I use most often is (can you guess?)
Only to be ignored. My
Patience is tested yet again. I find myself in the center of pandemonium.
........With sons, you remain the
(Recluse would be better.
Stranded on a desert island sounds pretty damn good about right now.)
............I determine consequences; outsiders view me as a
.......I don’t care. I have the strength of
Ulysses now. People's words don't affect me; I'm my own worst critic.
......Is there a
Verb for “hysteria”? There should be. And possibly a
Warrant for my arrest (“Yes, m’am, says right here you told the kid to eat lima beans.”)
X-ray my brain, you won’t find much left. Oh, and my
Youth’s gone too. By the way, where did I put my
Zzzzz’s? Let me know if you find them.

("Momentum Over Velocity")


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