Monday, August 9, 2010

88. Reminiscing

Tall (age 6 and 1/2) and I are looking through old photo albums. He enjoys looking at the ones from when he was a toddler.

When we put the album back, he spies another album he has not seen before.

 "Can we look at this one, Mom?"

 I get it out and we flip it open. We come across a picture of a young woman on vacation in Italy. She has a nice smile and appears beautiful and vibrant. Her make-up, although minimal, is flawless, with a punch of color in her bright red lipstick. She has a wonderful sparkle in her eyes and is flirting with the camera. Her light blonde hair is slicked back in a tight chignon and she has a cute scarf with a map design tied loosely around her neck. She is wearing a flattering black top. She holds some sort of small shopping bag, perhaps with souvenirs.

Overall, she looks like a fun girl, enjoying being at the Ponte Vecchio.

 Tall studies the photo intently for what seems like a long time.

 "Huh, I wonder what that photo is doing in here," he says finally. 

"What do you mean?" I respond.

 "Well, uh, who IS it?"

 I am truly shocked that he does not recognize the person in the photo. She is a member of our family and has been quite instrumental in our lives. In fact, Tall has met her on many occasions and she has even stayed in our house.

 "It's ME, silly!" I say, exasperated.

 He looks at the photo. He looks at me. Back to the photo again. Back to me again. Photo. Me. Photo. Me. The Real Me and the Photo Me are having a little tennis match.

 Tall smiles slyly then bursts out laughing, like he is finally in on the joke.

"Ha ha ha! that's not you! This girl is pretty! Who is she really, Mom?"

 I am crestfallen. I know I have aged, but am I really......... unrecognizable?

"It IS me," I insist. I can tell by his face he is remains unconvinced.

"I believe you, Mommy," he says at last, giving me a pitying look. It is the same look you give someone when they have an ice-cream cone and have taken one lick and the whole scoop of ice-cream falls on the ground.

Poor you.

 Oh, and when was the photo taken, by the way? On The Husband's and my two-year anniversary vacation in Florence.......... when I was newly-pregnant with Tall, seven long years ago.

 MOV ("Mom's Old! Verified")

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