Monday, December 17, 2012

878. So What Does MOV Really Stand For Anyway?

People ask me all the time what my pen name, “MOV,” means.  They think it is something mysterious and glamorous, or possibly illegal. 

The truth is, “M-O-V” are the initials of my great-great-great-grandmother once removed on my paternal aunt’s cousin’s side of my mother’s family.  Her name was Mildred Orian VanSprakenhausenoyster.   I was almost named after her, but at the very last minute, it was determined that it might be bad luck since she had died on the Titanic immediately after having given birth to triplets three days prior.  All five of the triplets died.  It is not something we talk about in my family.  Ever. 
Until now.   

Mildred was quite a woman, having come over to America on the Mayflower and then having fought in the Revolutionary War, dressed as a man.  She was one of those people that sets an example for others by fighting for human rights and what is right, and prevailing over wrong when she knows that what she believes is right even if she might be mistaken (which she never was).  Also, besides having discovered the cure to the Bubonic Plague (a big problem back then, what with all the rats and everything), she used to date Benjamin Franklin.  Just think, she might have been Mildred Orian Franklin. 
But the relationship was frowned upon by my distant relative Queen Victoria.  Alas. 

Anyway, the point is, I have been writing this blog for two and half years now, so you deserve to know the truth.  I have HUGE respect for my great-great-great-grandmother once removed on my paternal aunt’s cousin’s side of my mother’s family, so that is why I use her initials in my fiction writing. 
And if some so-called “friend” of mine wants to tell you that MOV stands for “Mistress Of Vodka,” I hope you will know that she is just making it up.  Vodka tastes icky.  Especially in apple martinis.   




    Can't make a kamikazi without vodka.

    There... NAILED IT.

    Glad to have you back.

  2. I'm so happy to finally know the truth.
    Also, I'm happy to dispose of any of that icky vodka you might have around for you. Please just let me know, and I can come pick it up.

  3. Very interesting dear MOV, I just bought 2 more of your books for gifts YEP I think you are Marvelous and I was thinking MOv was short for that!! Happy Holidays ~Janice~

  4. I always assumed that you misspelled the abbreviation for the blog's name. So, um, "Mothers of Vrothers," Vrothers being a variation of the term "occidental," or something like that.

  5. What? That's not your real name? I thought your name was Mov Vansprakenhausenoyster. Ugghh...I hate finding out like this.

  6. LOL! what an interesting woman!

    P.S. I also think vodka taste do frozen margeritas, mojitos and ice cold beers on a hot day...just sayin '
    Blessings, Joanne

  7. Bahahaha! Errrr...I mean...fascinating.

  8. Wait? What?! Oh. That explains everything (?!). I think you may have had one too many apple martinis. ;-)

  9. Hahaha!! It's funny that since your blog address is Mother of brothers, I always assumed MOV was like Mother of Victims since you have written a few different humorous posts about your kids...

  10. Master of Voice is what I thought, but thank you for ending the Mystery over vernacular!

  11. I always had my money on "Mother of Virgos." Glad Julie finally cleared things up?

  12. This was funny; I almost believed it except when I got to the part that all five triplets died :) Whatever MOV stands for, I'm sure it works just fine for you!


  13. I am so glad you cleared that up. I have lost MANY nights sleep wondering about the anagram MOV. As I toss and turn...does it stand of Master of Vocabulary, Martyr of Vestal Virgins (technically I guess that is technically MOVV, or maybe it's your shopping list...Must Order Vibrator. Whew...glad to know it's your great-great-great-grandmother once removed on your paternal aunt’s cousin’s side of your mother’s family

  14. Wait are you talking about VanSprakenhausenoyster of the Pennsylvania VanSprakenhausenoysters? I know a friend of one of their dogs. Small world.


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