Saturday, August 6, 2011

482. Hi, Daddy!

I just found out my dad reads my blog. This, right on the heels of finding out that my own son Short was adopted. As you can imagine, I am in double shock.

Now, my dear father is literally the kindest person on the planet. Think Gandhi. Then think how Gandhi is actually my dad’s twin, but Gandhi is called “the mean one” by his family. Okay, you have an idea of how great my dad is.

So, due to circumstances beyond my control (uh, the cruel realization that my dad is one of my regular—gasp!—readers), I am forced to change the general content of my blog and its overall “vibe.”

Lucky for you, you get to read one of my first new, kinder, gentler, less offensive blogs. Here goes:

I was driving and saw a rainbow. It made me happy until I ran into a telephone pole because I wasn’t paying attention. (*Note: this is just a rough draft, I am still working out the kinks.)

Thank you for reading my blog! May your day be filled with sunshine and kittens but not dead kittens mangled by coyotes like we found in our yard recently.

The End.



  1. I am first!

    I guess it's a bit too late MOV, considering the 481 previous posts.
    He probably has the right to know that his grandson is adopted!

    In this case I would try to lure him into reading other blogs to keep him off yours.
    Has he ever met the PW? It's so nice and perfect over there..NOT

    Have a nice w-e anyway,

  2. Oh no! I'm dreading the day my mother finds my blog. *sigh*

  3. Veronique,

    I guess you are right about the previous 481 posts. I didn't think about that.

    I will take your good advice and direct him over to Plastic Pioneer Woman land instead. It is alluringly airbrushed over there, without a coffee ring stain in site (get it? site not sight? website?). I used to read PW, but then I found Pie Near Woman instead, and wowza-- talk about funny!


    Glad you can relate! =)


  4. My dad bought my domain for me, so he most certainly reads. I have to censor more than I'd like to, but he likes to see me writing and publishing so I guess is balances out.

    I posted a photo of him wearing a dress for Fathers Day, and he just keeps reading.

    Maybe I should also send him over to PW's blog for some sanitized reading. He'd read for about ten minutes, then call to give me hell for sending him to read on a site covered in photos of a man's backside.

  5. Hi bluespeckledpup,

    So true about PW! Ha! It is very prozac'ed over there, isn't it? All is filtered sunshine, playful ponies, gap-toothed kids, and easy cookie recipes. It is like if my life were a 200-page novel, her blog posts of Cheerful City are about 10 pages of my life.

    So what is my life? My life has depth, shadows. I strive for perfection, but chaos takes over sometimes! I think I am a more interesting person for it, a bit weathered, a bit more mature.



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