Saturday, May 21, 2011

415. OCD vs. Chocolate

You probably think I am the OCD one in this story. I’m not.

We stayed at the magnificent Hotel Hershey for three luscious days. The hotel was built in the early 1930’s, and reflects a classic Mediterranean style. Every detail has been meticulously thought out: the bubbly fountains, the perfect floral arrangements, the complimentary chocolate bars at check in, the stunning stained glass windows, the fluffy down pillows, the ... ubiquitous giant freestanding dispensers of Purell hand sanitizer.

Outside the restaurants, Purell. In the gift shops next to the cashier area, Purell. Bathrooms, duh.  Front desk, you guessed it. At the entrance of the indoor swimming pool, surprise (and as an aside, wouldn’t the pool chlorine eradicate any renegade germs?).

Someone (possibly a rep for Purell) had convinced the hotel to install four-foot tall dispensers (imagine a short floor lamp) anywhere people might be. That means everywhere.

At first, I was impressed. Hotel Hershey is so considerate!  Hotel Hershey doesn’t want me to get any nasty germs from sick guests! Hotel Hershey is watching out for my health! Then I took a look at the gorgeous jacquard fabrics on the couches and chairs in all the public areas.

Hershey doesn’t care if I get sick; Hershey just doesn’t want my messy children to get their sticky chocolate paws all over the expensive furniture.

Ah, Hershey must be Virgo.

(“Me—Original Virgo”)


  1. Have you ever done a post about a nosy neighbor? I am struggling with mine and could sure use a good laugh! I love your blog... I check it every day (multiple times) and am always so excited when you've posted something new! =)

  2. Hello dear Anonymous!

    I don't think I have done a post about nosy neighbors, although I have certainly had my share (and Anonymous, if you are REALLY my nosy former neighbor Lynda, how did you find out about this blog?!? yikes).

    Actually, I love this idea. Consider it my next project. I will try to post a blog about Nosy Neighbors in the next 3 days or so. :)
    (thanks for the idea! and thanks for being a loyal reader!)


  3. Thank you! And no, I am a "mind-my-own-business-and-you-mind-yours" kinda gal. I'll be looking forward to it! (I'm also the "$200-red-wagon-from-the-auction-reader.") =)


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