Tuesday, July 20, 2010

64. Eavesdropping

So I am driving Tall and his pal, both age 6, to summer camp. Their conversation in the car goes something like this: Pal: Tall, have you ever gone skydiving? Tall: (without hesitation) Yes. Me: (??) Pal: So have I. Tall: When? Pal: A long time ago. I was five. Tall: Did you like it? Pal: Well, the thing is, my parachute did not open and that is why I have this scar on my eye (pointing to non-existent scar). But now it's healed up. I jumped out of a helicopter. Tall: (nonchalant) That's cool. MOV


  1. As the mother of said pal, I cannot keep my mouth shut. First of all: [GUFFAW!] Secondly, I decided to ask the pal myself whether he had ever gone skydiving. He's sticking to his story and has even added a very elaborate part about jumping from a helicopter into a lake. What a fruitcake.

  2. The lake was also mentioned to me! I knew I was forgetting a key ingredient to the story. :)


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