Wednesday, April 24, 2013

945. U Is for Uncles in Hawaii Playing Ukuleles

We don’t have any uncles in Hawaii playing ukuleles.  We don’t even have any non-ukulele-playing uncles in Hawaii.  We have regular uncles, living regular uncle lives in boring states like Montana. 

Okay, that is a lie.  No one in our family lives in Montana, and I am sure it is a lovely state.  But if we had an uncle in Hawaii, it would pretty much be a given that he would be rich. 
Who wouldn’t want a rich uncle in Hawaii so you could go visit him and stay with him in his palatial oceanfront estate? 

Damn my geographically-challenged boring DNA chain.  No Hawaii.  No ukuleles. 
Honestly, he does not have to play ukulele, but as a general Hawaii stereotype, it seems like all the cool Hawaiians do.  Maybe the ukuleles are presented to the children in the preschool classes, or heck, maybe they are right there in the delivery room when baby makes his first appearance.  They spend their lives around ukuleles and pick it up by osmosis.    

My sons have a lovely uncle that they call “Uncle Ra-Ra.”  It is a variation of his real name, because Tall could not pronounce it when he was two and learning to talk.  The Ra-Ra stuck, and we all still call him that.  I somehow feel I am at a pep rally for a football game whenever I say his name—Ra-ra!  Shish boom ba!  Ra-ra!  Gooooooo, team!
I keep hinting to Ra-Ra that he should A. Move to Hawaii, and B. Get rich, and don’t forget C. Learn to play the ukulele.  He staunchly refuses to do any of those, instead preferring to live his normal life with zero consideration for my free vacation plans.  He makes a radical suggestion: 

“MOV, why don’t you move to Hawaii?  Then you can be the crazy sister-in-law who moved to Hawaii.” 
Well, at least he got the crazy right. 



  1. my little ladies have an uncle who lives in Key West... that's *like* Hawaii. But with no palatial estate. Or ukulele... I think it's the "le le" part of that word that makes it Hawaiian, yes? :D <3

  2. Hi Mov, Nice to meet you. Thanks for the visit and for following my blog. Love your post. I have many uncles in UK and none play ukeleles but some did play drums and accordian.

    Gill x

  3. No ukulele uncles for me either. Sigh.

  4. My brother actually lived in Hawaii for three years, and sent my kids a ukulele for Christmas one year. Unfortunately, he was far from rich, so a visit would still mean having to get a hotel. My husband even commented that while he lived there, we could not vacation there, seeing as how we'd have the expense of the vacation, but he'd still have to socialize with an in-law. Stupid, poor, Hawaii-living uncle.

  5. Love Hawaii and love ukeleles but unfortunately I lack the requisite rich uncle.

  6. We stayed in Hawaii for two weeks and loved it. My husband bought a ukulele before we went to Hawaii so that he could play it on the trip. Lol

  7. Like you, I have none of the above. I had a great aunt who played the accordion. Does that count for anything? ;-)

  8. I love how this one started out completely crazy, got reasonable, and then ended as crazy again. Good arc, MOV.

  9. My kids have a rich uncle with a vacation house at a ski resort...score!!!

  10. Ukes are awesome! You umust watch the Canadian documentary The Mighty Uke. It made me want to play one!

  11. It IS about coolness, you are so right!

    The boys would play with them, ALL DAY, in junior high. Not "play" them; play WITH them. All. Day. The teachers' spirits were already broken by then, so little twings and twongs, or a disjointed bit of a real tune would sort of lazily tumble forth from the back of the room where the bad/cool kids sat.

    I needless, to say, was at the front. Doing the assigned reading. And I STILL can't play an instrument. Feh.

  12. You should check out Israe Kamakawiwo'ole on the ukelele doing somewhere over the rainbow. It's beautiful!

  13. I have a ukulele but would trade it all for a rich uncle in Hawaii.

  14. HA! Well my uncle really did play the ukulele, in a Hawaiian band in the 1950s. I have a photo and a homemade 33 1/3 record.I kid you not. My mom plays too. :) I do a very little. I have it in my room.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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