Thursday, April 18, 2013

940. P Is for Point Counter Point Point Point

You know how on any successful TV sitcom there are two characters that at any given moment like to debate each other on basically any topic?  Think Chandler and Joey on Friends.  They start discussing something and then comically go back and forth in a verbal volley, and we are just along for the ride, a really fun ride at Disneyland that we don’t want to end.

Reading Christian and Pat’s blog, Point Counter Point Point Point, is like that.  (And, my jealous confession:  why did I not think of sharing my blog with another writer?  Two writers + one blog = half the writing requirement.  Brilliant.)  Christian and Pat are like the Pirates of the Caribbean of the blogging world with a little bit of Indiana Jones and Space Mountain thrown in (suggestion, guys, if you are reading this:  do a post about what is the best ride at Disneyland).  They are captivating and adventurous and sometimes a little bit “out there” ... and they really should have a two hour wait and require an "E" ticket.   
The blog post I am linking you to is about one of them (the funny one?  the smart one?  anyway, one of them) inadvertently stalking a couple in real life from House Hunters.  Who knew such a thing was possible—apparently it is though. 

Go on over, have a read, then tell them MOV sent you.  You’ll be glad you did. 


  1. You had me at Chandler and Joey! Great post and thanks for the tip! Jodie

  2. Going over to read the other blog, but first I had to tell you how happy I am to connect here in cyberspace. Thanks for following my blog, and I simply had to follow back another famous author "minus the pesky fame."

  3. Just started following over there, thanks MOV. :)

  4. Wow a whole letter dedicate to us! Thanks so much MOV for the kind words and shout out. I've also noted the best Disney ride as a potential future post topic. FYI, we are currently working on a post about Disorganized vs Organized religion based off your suggestion that you left in a comment.

  5. You are showing your age. When I make a comment such as "it's so good it should require an E ticket," the kids at the high school don't get the reference.

    If you ever want to do a blogosphere point/counterpoint writing event, count me in.


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