Tuesday, April 9, 2013

932. H Is for Haley's Comic

Have you ever read Haley’s Comic?  I want to introduce you to the wonderful Haley.  She is the most talented artist I know.  Okay, I don’t actually know any other artists, but if I did, then she would certainly be the most talented one. 

I found her blog a long time ago, when she had about 9 followers.  I like to think that I “discovered” her, and propelled her follower count into double-digits with simple word-of-mouth recommendations.    
Every time I visit her blog, I try to go back and read something from her archives.  I just laugh and laugh and laugh. 

I thought I would link a few of my favorite posts that she wrote: 
There Is No Trade-In for Kids 
* Financial Death Spiral
* A post about Toilet Paper

And after you read those, remember to check out Haley’s new book, Herman the Cat Goes to Outerspace (I just happen to be the author).  It makes a great gift for kids, or anyone who acts like a kid, or anyone who used to be a kid.  
Buy it, it will change your life.     
p.s. In an exciting new development, our book is now available on Barnes and Noble, too! 


  1. I'm off to Haley's Comic. Thanks for the tip off :)
    Bhavya from the AtoZ Challenge blogging at Just Another Blog

  2. I agree. Haley is a hoot. You two did a bang-up job on the book! Congratulations on the Barnes and Noble distribution!

  3. Funny you should mention the book. My copy arrived and I read it to my kids (4 and 2 yr olds) for the first time last night. They both loved it. In fact when I got out of the shower this morning before going to work my son (the 4 yr old, wait today is actually his birthday so he's 5 now. Damn!) was laying out on the couch looking through it.

    1. I am so glad to hear it! Your nice comment made my day. And also please wish a very happy birthday to the little guy.

  4. Sounds great! All the best with your book!

  5. You're already the reason I discovered her. You cannot help me discover her again! Although since you pointed out her archives, I guess you have...

    1. oh just wait, Tony, you will love some of her older posts!

  6. Great news on the Barnes & Noble thing!

  7. I have been frolicking through this whole day in a Barnes & Noble euphoria. And now I come home to this post full of compliments. This is the best day ever.


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