Thursday, January 3, 2013

884. Do You Know Haley

My cyber-pal Haley is just about the best picture drawer and the best funny story teller I know.  Her most recent blog post recounts a memorable holiday work experience.  I am so glad that I was not her in that story, or her customer!  (Or come to think of it, her employer or the security guard.)    

Do yourself a favor and hop on over to Haley's blog, Haley's Comic, and have a good laugh. Tell her MOV sent you.  And then follow Haley.  She's that good.   



  1. I visited. I liked. I followed.


  2. I visited; she can tell a good story indeed! I think it might have changed my perspective about wanting to work as a barista one day :)


  3. So THIS is why I got all those comments saying "MOV sent me!" You are so lucky to have such kind and obedient readers. And I guess now some of them are my readers, too! Yay! I do suspect some of them might be robots in disguise, since they were urging me to get rid of my word verification. But their robot-brains produced such nice comments, I decided to cave and meet their demands. I love my new robot readers so much! Thank you for sharing!

    I wonder what we should ask our obedient robot readers to do next. I'm thinking world domination...

    1. oooh, world domination! Does that involve Domino's pizza and playing dominoes until 2am? if yes, I am totally in!

  4. Wow, I feel like I hit the jackpot with "Finding the Funny!" You are great and then you recommend Haley and she's just as great! Loving your humor. :)


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