Monday, October 8, 2012

861. Travel Pics from Disney

Today I thought I would post a few photos from our trip.  Hope you like them! 

getting ready for take-off

view from seat 18B

that famous castle

view from restaurant California Grill

Disney Hollywood Studios restaurant called Sci-Fi Drive In (we ate here)

view from our hotel room at Port Orleans French Quarter

stunning mosaic at EPCOT

World Showcase

me playing around with my camera and photographing the sky and palm tree

also went to Legoland for one day
this city is all made of Legos!

last day of trip-- at Animal Kingdom

we got to pet an elephant! (no, not really)

this is the "mouth" of the waterslide at the hotel pool-- fun!

at the airport getting ready to fly home

flight back



  1. Looks like you had great weather! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. Loved the sci-fi diner!

    Did you also go to the diner that had waitresses who nag you like your mom? "Chew with your mouth closed." "Get your elbows off the table." "No dessert until you finish everything on your plate." Very 50s.

    Glad you had a good time.


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