Tuesday, October 2, 2012

855. Let's Talk About the Weather

I live in a part of the country that is famous for its long hot summers and its equally brutal winters.  In fact, The Husband and I have noted that there are only two seasons here:  hot and cold.  Where fall should be is an extension of summer, and where spring should be is a continuation of winter. 

So it should come as somewhat of a surprise that I notice the leaves are turning a gorgeous orange color. 
“Sweetie,” I say to The Husband, “we might actually get a fall this year!” 

Of course, I have jinxed it.  The next day, the sky has a tantrum and spits rain at us for hours. 
But it is better than snow. 



  1. In Florida we get hot and humid, hot, a bit less hot, and lukewarm. Occasionally we get a chill in January. I grew up in upstate NY and I miss having a real autumn down here. Sure leaves fall but only because the torrential rain knocks them down!

  2. I grew up just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. We have two seasons. Winter and Road work.

  3. Well, some say that the rain may help the leaves be more beautiful. Let's hope that's the case for you! I live in an area where we say, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it will change."

  4. 13 years and counting for our escape to Florida....

  5. We just have hot here all the time. Or rather hot, hotter and hottest. It's October 2nd and we're experiencing hottest - should be around 103 today. UGH. Wouldn't mind just a little of your cold.

  6. Up here in the northwest we only have two seasons too: Rainy and August.

  7. Yesterday we had beautiful summer weather.
    Today, we might get snow.


  8. Here in Florida we never have to worry about snow. We just worry about roasting to death.


  9. One of the nifty things about central new York is the legendary winters. We got so ripped off last year, and I hope that doesn't happen again. Come visit for some fall color...just not tomorrow when the temperature is goback up to hiss!

  10. Hiya, you jinxed it again! Now its going to snow all winter!


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