Sunday, September 23, 2012

848. Ode to Cake

I love you on my birthday
I love you late at night
I look for you at bakeries
You are love at first sight

Chocolate is my favorite
Vanilla will do if they’re out
Strawberry is also acceptable
But peanut butter makes me pout
Ice-cream cake is best
I adore the frozen treat
Who needs lunch or dinner
When there is still cake to eat! 



  1. If somebody offered me peanut butter cake, I might punch them.

  2. I don't like strawberry flavoured cake,
    As much as all the rest.
    But if I had to choose just one, then
    I like cheesecake best!

  3. Ah! My Beloved Red Velvet, I had you after lunch. No wonder I weigh a bunch. But I'll never stop eating cake, not as long as I can bake.


  4. I agree, cake is awesome! The best thing about a good ice cream cake is that crunchy, frozen chocolate layer in the center!

    I haven't ever had a peanut butter cake, but I am a fan of the flavor in other treats and would probably enjoy a cake flaovred with it.

  5. I have always been a firm believer that cake is severely under utilized in our society.

  6. Chocolate fudge cake with fudge frosting!

  7. How did I miss this post? Happy Birthday, MOV! I hope you got all the cake you wanted. :-)

  8. BIRTHDAY CAKE IS MY FAVOURITE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Srsly. I'd trade my children for cake. Hope you had an absolutely fabulous birthday and your cake was divine.


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