Thursday, April 26, 2012

754. Ziploc Baggie Starts With "Z"

Ziploc baggies are my life.  I use them for everything.  Wet swimsuit?  Ziploc.  Goldfish crackers?  Ziploc.  Crayons to use at the restaurant while waiting for our order?  Ziploc.  Make-up I tell myself I might actually wear sometime?  Ziploc! 

So it should come as no surprise that I take a Ziploc bag upstairs with me when I decide to nibble on my chocolate bar while typing my latest blog post.

Yes, the Universe was smiling on me and had my favorite marzipan chocolate bars in stock at Target last time I went there. 

I bought 120 of them, just to be safe.  They might run out.   

But the chocolate is so rich, so decadent, that no one can possibly eat an entire bar in one sitting.  Hence, the Ziploc bag.
I tear off a small square of chocolate.  The first square is the worst, meaning the best, because it is establishing the precedent for my whole mouth.  That first bite reminds my tongue how magical this chocolate is, how special.  The first bite warns my teeth to take cover from imminent cavities, but the teeth don’t care. 

Mmmmmmmmmm.  I am in love. 
I eat one third of the bar, because honestly, who could ever inhale more than one third?  That would be ridiculous gluttony.  I slip the other two thirds of my chocolate bar (still in its wrapper) into their safe haven:  the Ziploc baggie.  I will go put it back in the frig in a while.  

At least five minutes go by.  All right, 30 seconds.  The frig is far away, all the way back downstairs, who has that kind of time to store things there?  Plus, I am suddenly realizing that my favorite chocolate is a victim of some new marketing strategy and redesign where they made the chocolate bar smaller.  Aha, that explains it.  That is why I am hungry for more so soon. 
No one will care if I eat half a bar.  It’s not like I live with the Chocolate Police or anything.  Half is a reasonable amount.  There, I save the rest for later. 

Later comes in about 10 minutes.  I am starving!  I think I forgot to eat lunch today, well, that sandwich and apple and chips don't really count, do they?  I need another square of chocolate, just one square. 
Somehow, all that is left now is the empty wrapper inside the Ziploc.  How did that happen?  And how did these chocolate crumbs melt all over the front of my t-shirt? 

I take the candy wrapper out of the Ziploc bag.  I walk downstairs and put the Ziploc back in the box inside the kitchen drawer.  Wow, the box is still full of Ziploc baggies!  I thought I had been going through them pretty fast, but I guess not. 


  1. You and I have a very different attitude to chocolate. By the time I'm half way through a bar I start lamenting the emptiness of the wrapper.
    I used to work in a Sweet(candy) factory that produced about thirty thousand tons a year. You could eat as much as you liked. I think for about the first six months I gorged myself and then for about three years could not stand the sight of chocolate. When I left the company my sweet tooth re-emerged but now I had to pay for it. Oh what sweet memories, Peppermint crisp oozing from the machine before it got covered in chocolate or the huge vats of molten chocolate where you could take a ladle and scoop it out and into your mouth. Your post has brought back many memories, thanks, Geoff.
    Oh, by the way, I'm also a Ziploc bag fan.
    Blessings to all the chocolate manufacturers of the world. :)

    1. MOV and Geoff need to get together and write a chocolate post! I've never seen such harmony before... enjoyed both the post and this bit of feedback!

    2. Geoff, you might be my chocolate soul mate..........

    3. Oh my heavens! Sounds like Willy Wonka's factory! Or maybe better, Cadbury? ;-)

  2. I forgot to bring a nail pouch to a job site, and so I used a 2 gallon zip loc bag to hold my box of nails, razor blade knife and hammer. It actually did quite well until I let the nails get out of their cardboard box.

  3. Ziplock bags are the best, second only to cable ties, which I now use for everything! And chocolate connects subliminally to the human brain to send "eat me" messages over long distances. Scientific fact!

  4. This is me. However, I'm a traditionalist and my baggies are filled with Hershey's wrappers. (Hangs head.)

  5. I love Ziplocs. Truly. They are soooooo useful! As for chocolate, it never lasts long enough to be put into a baggie in our house. Snarf!

  6. Once upon a time we had an investation of the pantry months so EVERYTHING went into ziplock bags to see what I had bought that brought in those horid pests, once we got them outed for good I still will store things in the ziplock just for safe keeping i.e. anything chocolately and I don't even store that in the pantry lol. ziplocks go very quickly in our home I think I might buy stock now after your post ;}

  7. Ziplocs would never work for me with a chocolate bar either. I mean, seriously. I know I would be lying to myself as soon as I put the bar in the bag for later. Might as well just get it over with so I can stop thinking about it.

  8. MOV, this is hilarious!

    We also use Ziplocs, and chocolate squares usually don't survive long enough to get into the safe zone of a Ziploc, so I put cookies in the Ziploc instead, so the bag doesn't get lonely. Something has to accompany that wonderful stuff called coffee.

    When I was a kid I always wanted to buy a whole case of Eatmore peanut/ chocolate bars just in case they stopped making them.

    If I ever do get some chocolate squares that are 'spares' for more than a minute, I'll lock them in a Ziploc bag and reinforce their safe zone with cable ties, or 'tie-wraps'. That oughta' work for about a minute...until I get a job at a chocolate factory.

  9. You know I love me some chocolate. I would feel more domesticated if I used Ziploc bags more so I shall be just like you and achieve domestic bliss. That will be so nice when I achieve that...

  10. For me it's the BIG bag of Twizzlers (original strawberry, thank you). LOL! Great post...

  11. You know what I love about Ziploc baggies? They now make huge ass ones that you can shove large items in when packing for adventures in the great outdoors. We've used the ginormous baggies for our canoe trips and they work great!

    Although I imagine you'd get pretty sick if you bought enough chocolate to fill one of them.

  12. You're done. I'm jealous. And possibly also a little bit bitter. Put THAT in a ziploc. Hmph.

  13. Oh no...I kind of hope they don't have those the next time I am at Target as I wasn't actually looking for a new candy to love!

  14. I'm a little bitter, too, about you being done.

    I still have nightmares about my grandma washing Ziploc bags and reusing them back in the day. Sadly, many times the first thing in it was Limburger cheese...

  15. I like Ziploc bags and REALLY love Ritter Sport chocolate bars. My favorites are the one with the hazelnuts and the one with the butter cookie. Mmmm! Here's the part of your post that made me laugh hysterically because I know you were kidding:

    "But the chocolate is so rich, so decadent, that no one can possibly eat an entire bar in one sitting. Hence, the Ziploc bag."

    I WERE kidding...right? Right? Hello? Oh I the only chocoholic here that would scarf down the whole rich candy bar in a matter of minutes? :-o

  16. Oh the temptation!

    The only time I use ziplock bags is when I am traveling and need to protect all of my other luggage from my liquidy stuff that could potentially burst.

    I never need to use them for food, because I devour everything.

  17. I could eat it in one sitting no problem...hence the extra poundage that I have to rid myself of. UGH!
    BLessings, Joanne

  18. Ziplocs and Paper Towels! Those are my secret obsessions! I totally understand your need.
    When in need of storage....... Grab for a bag! :)


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