Wednesday, April 25, 2012

753. Youngman Brown Starts With "Y"

I think I'm in love. 

Remember that guy in high school who made you and everyone else laugh?  The one that even the teachers and vice-principal were a bit intimidated by because of his scathing wit?  I’m not talking about the class clown, I’m talking about the guy who was so smart, so insightful, that everything he said was hilarious and true.  Everyone wanted to stand near him so some of the funny might accidentally rub off, like glitter or newspaper ink.  It never did. 

Let me introduce you to that guy.  His name is Good Youngman Brown.  I like to think that I discovered him, but like Abraham Lincoln telling Christopher Columbus that this was not India and he was lying, I must confess:  I did not actually discover him. 

He writes an impossibly funny blog, and supposibly one of his pet peeves are grammatrical mistakes!  And lack of subject/ verb agreement!  And he hates bad spelers!  Imagine!  I will make him an honorary Virgo, because I'm nice like that.   
Go read his stuff, and then follow him (not in a creepy stalkerish way, more in a lost-and-maybe-he'll-give-you-directions-and-loan-you-bus-fare kind of way):  may I present to you one of my favorite writers, the fantabulous Youngman Brown.  His topic today is the revered Alumni newsletter. 
Okay, what are you still doing here?  Scoot! 


  1. Oh thankyou for that link. We are of the same kin. I have been known to whip out a black permanent marker and correct spelling mistakes on signs in shops. My friends refuse to go shopping with me!

  2. Thanks. One more awesome blog I now have to follow. Jeesh! I am never going to be able to get off the computer if this keeps up!! :)

  3. Nanananana I found you before you found me!

    You are the sweetest of sweethearts, MOV. Thanks!

  4. Ohhhh, thanks MOV! Love him.

  5. Agreed. He started following me a while ago, but at a time when I'd just got back from a month long holiday so I had few new followers and just never got round to checking them all out.
    When I finally did - just a few weeks ago - I wished I'd done it sooner.

    Same with your blog MOV :)

  6. It is awesome that you featured him for your Y - he is totally hilarious! And he seems to be very popular {I featured him for my "R" post!}

    Great post!

  7. What a great idea! he is a verrry lucky guy, but i do agree with you, his blog is quite amazing :-)

    and you know what, so is yours! /following/

  8. I adore Mr. YoungmanBrown. My blogger sensei


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