Friday, January 27, 2012

642. Hop To It!

So, have you signed up for Leap Blog Day yet? If you want to participate, just click on the link on the side over there - - - - - - - -  > with the picture of the hoppy frog. The idea is, you ask another blogger to write a guest post for you, and hopefully someone will ask you to post as well (does not have to be the same person).  All the guest blogs will be posted on Leap Day, which is on Wednesday, February 29.

Please do it now. The deadline to have your essay written for the other person is February 15.

Someone has already asked me to write for them (hard to believe, but true), but I know there are MANY bloggers out there waiting to be contacted!

Okay, thanks for doing it!  It will be great cross-exposure for all different types of bloggers.  Can't wait! 


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