Monday, January 16, 2012

632. Now Everybody Knows Everything

My upcoming book signing event made it into yesterday's Washington Post Sunday Paper (Outlook Section) next to the Book World column.  Yes, a highly-acclaimed and respectable newspaper with actual readers lists my event as important newsworthy, uh, news.  I am not sure exactly how this happened, as my publicist is terrible and has virtually no background in publicizing anything except the date of the next children's park playdate or moms' night out drinking (okay, I am my own publicist). My suspicion is that the very kind and extremely tech-savvy book buyer lady from the local bookstore hosting my book launch pulled a few strings. Or maybe she just typed up the event and submitted it to the newspaper before the deadline.

The point is: my name is in the Washington Post! And not even with the other graffiti taggers, car thieves, or arsonists in the criminal section like last time.

Here, in its entirety, is what the newspaper blurb says:

Literary Calendar January 16—21, 2012

21 Saturday

7 PM   MOV, flight attendant turned mom and author of the popular Mothers of Brothers Blog, reads from and discusses her new book, “Mom’s Had A Rough Day: A Collection of Humorous Essays,” at One More Page Books, 703-300-9746.

In case you haven’t noticed, seeing my name in print is pretty much equivalent to me drinking eight cups of espresso in a row. I started jumping up and down, and hyperventilating.  The last time my name was in print (that was for anything good) was way back in high school. I went to a small private prep school in the San Diego area, and I was mentioned in the sports section of the school paper, The Final Word. Here is the article:

“The Really Great Religious School ranked number nine overall in the state divisionals for cross-country running. Of special note is senior MOV who finished 15th, which is about 100 better than everyone thought she’d do (editor’s note: yes, I lost my bet. Don, I owe you $20). MOV impressed everyone not just with her speed, but also with her ability to not pass out this time.”

I know you are wondering exactly how I remember word-for-word what they wrote in that article. It’s because the article is framed and hanging right here next to my desk. I look at it often because it gives me confidence when no one thinks I can accomplish anything. I look at it and think Hey, 15th is not that bad.

("My Other Victory")


  1. Nice! I, too, make it to the local paper on occassion, generally for opening my big mouth, which is not what ladies are supposed to do here in the south. What I do not blame on menopause? I blame on being a Yankee.

  2. Congrats, MOV! Seeing my name in print makes me more euphoric than finding a sale on milk. Well done!

  3. We are so excited for you! And are looking forward to our trip to DC and your book signing!

  4. The only time my name has every been in the local paper was when I was one of four children who completed a cycle safety course in primary school. So your feature doesn't sound so great in comparison, does it?
    Who am I kidding, you're practically a mini-celebrity! *high five*

  5. That's great! "Literary Calendar" even! If I ever get around to finishing the book I claim to be writing, I hope to enjoy similar fame.

  6. " the criminal section like last time." LOVED it!

    Congratulations on being officially in print! This makes you a celebrity now, you know. Sweeping long expensive dresses and lots of jewelry, etc. Plus, now you must take a stand on politics and starving children and stuff.

    I love your writing. And I thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

  7. When I was little I played the 'air hostess' game with my girlfriend more than mummies and daddies so you're already a heroine to me. I wish I could be there to hear you read, please get someone to video it and show us lot who are too far away.

  8. Awesome!! And fifteenth is great as long as there are at least 16 places!

  9. That is terribly exciting!

  10. thank you, friends!!!!!



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