Friday, January 6, 2012

623. My Twin Sister Tuna

My twin* sister Tuna just let me write a guest post on her blog (*not really my twin). Growing up, my sister* Tuna was infinitely cooler than me (*not really my sister). Ways Tuna was cooler than me:
  • always hanging out with the “in” crowd
  • learned to cook more than just macaroni and cheese from a box
  • had boys calling her at all hours of the day and night
  • could do a cartwheel AND a back handspring (in a row)
  • knew all the words to every Pat Benatar song
  • learned to drive when she was 14
  • would get an “A” on her chemistry exam without even studying (“I don’t know, I guess I just have one of those photogenic memories or something” she’d say nonchalantly while conjugating French verbs and adjusting her Walkman)
  • wore ultra-trendy and sophisticated Madonna-inspired clothes that I was forced to steal
To this day, she says, “That MOV was such a tattle-tale.” But you know what? I think it was the other way ‘round. See for yourself:  Click HERE to zip over to my guest blog at Mrs. Tuna’s.


P.S. Thank you to Mrs. Tuna! 


  1. Sadly the other not MOV sister stole all my boyfriends, failed chemistry and ate alone with her peanut butter and mayo sandwiches.

    Welcome to the cool girl table sister.

  2. I was the really dorky one reading a Nancy Drew while she sat alone. With glasses roughly the thickness of the Oxford English Dictionary. Which I used to quote. And I wondered why I had no date for the senior prom. Yeah. Anyway, I'm following because I figure where there's life, there's know.

  3. Just visited Mrs. Tuna and read your guest blog. Loved it!

  4. tuna-- I get to sit at the cool girl table?!? you say that now, until I spill my root beer all over your lap when I stand up to get more ketchup for the onion rings........

    kirby--I loved Nancy Drew. And at one point, I started reading the entire dictionary (in alphabetical order, natch) so I could memorize everything and be really really smart. I only got to the "B's"........

    shea,lola, and tucker--thank you!!


  5. My mom never spends $100 at Target. Ever.

    Mostly because we're shitpoor. Oh well. That's one way to do it.

    (On your bag fiasco: they were major assholes. Nuf said.)

    [I've used a swearword twice in this comment when I've never used expletives on your blog before. Let's hope you didn't think I was a saint or something.]

    -Motaki, Sailor-Mouthed Aspiring Falconer


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