Tuesday, December 27, 2011

611. MOV Makes Amends With TOTGA

It seems that I have been called out for doing the very thing that I was complaining about yesterday:  dropping my name as a follower on people’s blogs. I was completely taken aback that someone might say that to me, but as it turns out, it’s true.

I flash back to that day a few months ago when I was looking over my blog list and thought, “Do I really follow 379 other blogs?!?” In a moment of what can only be called quiet desperation, I decided then and there to simplify my life by deleting all but my favorite five blogs. Okay, six. Well, 15 are actually super-funny. But 30 is such a nice round number.

I ended up with less blogs, but I felt guilty. I felt like I was abandoning my cyber-friends. I knew I shouldn’t feel this way, but I did.

Then I told myself, MOV! They won’t even notice! They aren’t hyper obsessive ultra-Virgos like you who anxiously check their stats and follower counts every hour on the hour!

I found out tonight that people do notice after all. I received the following comment from a loyal follower:  

"Dear MOV,

You followed my blog for a day or two, and then left. Not a word of explanation. Just ... left. And I only have 9 followers, so I know it was you. I'm still hurt.

I thought of retaliatory leave-taking, but it seemed petty, and I figured you wouldn't notice anyway. Besides, you're kind of funny.

So don't be too hard on TOTGA. I'm sure he had his reasons. Just like you did.


Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch. 

So right now is time to say I am sorry. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings by unfollowing them.  Sorry if I was The One That Got Away for someone else's blog.  Please accept my sincere apology. And, I am going to go a step further. I went over to my cyber-pal’s blog to check it out, and I realized she is definitely a blog you should read.  For one thing, she is clearly in good with Santa.  See for yourself. Maybe you might get on Santa’s good list too (it's never too early for next year).  Click here. 



  1. Oh, MOV. You must never drop Skwishee. She makes ORNAMENTS. STAR WARS ONES! And sends them to you from CANADA! The postage alone cost her a bundle. She's on my "Nice" list forever. Yes, I can be bought. But you're right, she's definitely a must-read. (: Okay, now I've got to go see if I made your cut....

  2. I can see how that can happen. if you don't have time to read those 379 blogs then what's the point?

  3. I spent several tens of seconds trying to guess what TOTGA stood for before opening your blog post ... I didn't know that one.

    Today's wordveri: aparewin

  4. If someone dropped mine I would cry the hugest, biggest saltiest tears ever.

  5. 379 blogs, like WOW. I think I follow 27 only about a third of them only post once a year and one I never look at, and one is my blog. I like my blog but keep finding spelling mistakes (so much for Blogs of Note or what ever it is).

    I would like to say thank you for maintaining your interest in my ever so humble and rickety blog about the ordinary life of some strange character (me) in the country (that's countryside after all we are all in a country unless on a boat or maybe a hot air balloon or a rocket?)

    OK yes I got distracted again very sorry. Followers I don't worry about followers because I don't have many and some of the regular visitors to the blog must be anon's because they appear to live in Russia, Germany and various other places, although how they manage to understand a word of it is a worry. I just hope they are not using the blog for their English. lessons

    OK MOV I will go and investigate some of these links keep up the good work.

    By the way poor old Santa was given the sack Ha ha ha hah hah hah ahh hah hah ah h ahhah haha hahh hhah hahaha hah ahahah ahh hah ha

  6. Hang on I followed those links and I kept arriving at a biscuit. ................ Crumbs ............ HA HAH HAH HAHAHAH HAHAH HAH HAHAHH HAh hahahahha ha ha.

  7. I was wondering why my number of followers dropped down to 21. Now I know.

  8. Thanks again for coming back - and bringing all those other people with you!


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