Thursday, December 8, 2011

595. It's Party Time

So The Husband and I were invited to a party last night, a real party with the words “holiday attire” printed on the invitation. I mentioned the event to The Husband right when we received the invitation (a month ago), again as we got closer to the date (two weeks out), once more for good measure (last week), and then one final time (the night before). All of those times, he nodded and said, “Sounds great!” so I was under the impression he was listening.

He wasn’t.

The morning of the party, I casually said, “Won’t it be fun to go to the party tonight?” to which he replied, “What are you talking about?”

I did what I always do when he says something funny: I laughed. Silly guy! I am talking about the same party I have been talking about for a month! Remember, I lined up a sitter and everything?

The Husband was mad. “You never mentioned it. I don’t want to go to a party. Besides, I might have to work late.”

The MOV of 10 years ago would have been mad. How dare he forget a party I mentioned a dozen times? How dare he threaten not to go?

But having two children changes a person. I am a mellower, softer version of my former self. Things that used to bother me don’t bother me (as much) now. I just shrugged.

“Okay, Sweetie, that’s fine. You can stay home. But I’m going.”

That evening, he came home from work and took off his coat. He took one look at me and said, “Wow! You look fantastic! Why are you all dressed up?”

Seriously? I thought I was the one to forget and block things out, but clearly he was the new winner in the Selective Memory Championships.

He finally agreed to go (“How do we know these people again? Will they have beer or are they your wine friends?”), and it turns out we had a great time.

I can’t wait to remind The Husband about tonight’s party.

("My Only Vexation")


  1. Maybe you will both feel like you are in the movie Groundhog Day! Have fun!!!

  2. So that's my problem! having two children hasn't mellowed me in the slightest if anything I'm more uptight. Mine forgets things so often I stopped bothering to tell him in advance.

  3. My husband remembers parties. Anniversaries are another story. And don't get me started on picking up milk on the way home....

    Leos never mellow.

  4. Well, at least you get invited to parties that don't involve children running on a sugar high through a park in the heat of summer (or some other combination thereof). Our invitations seem to keep getting lost in the mail or something. ;-)

  5. Tomorrow we are going to a Christmas fundraiser for at-risk kids. The theme? Tacky Christmas sweaters of course. I spent $17 on a sweater at WalMart and thankfully my daughter will wear it to school next week for her own Tacky Christmas sweater day. I couldn't borrow one because how does one say "Hey, could I borrow your sweater for an Ugly Christmas sweater party?"
    When I told my son about it he asked "what does a tacky Christmas sweater look like?" I said "well, picture your grandma..." and before I got any more words out he said "Post pictures!!"

    Something tells me I'm not going to feel at all hot and sexy as we leave for our date tomorrow. *sigh* But anything for the children...

  6. andrea--my whole life is Groundhog Day. (loved that movie by the way, especially how good he got at the piano!)

    L Girl--glad you can relate to the Forgetful Husband Syndrome (we need our own support group).

    marianne--is this because he is the life of the party?

    couse--I know! I feel like an actual grown-up going to an actual party!

    HW--this is hilarious. I want to start a tacky Christmas sweater day! At the high-end kitchen store, today is plaid day. Can't wait!



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