Monday, December 5, 2011

592. Feeling Woozy

I read other people’s blogs. I do this because I like to laugh, and plus I can only talk about myself for about four hours per day (tops). When I am reading these funny blogs and The Husband calls up the stairs looking for me and asks what I am doing, I say, “Important Computer Work.”

He knows this is code for “Not Really Anything.” Or “Avoiding Doing Laundry (Again).”

Imagine my surprise when not one but TWO other blogs I was reading mention me and my new book! Ack! People are talking about me behind my back, to my face, and to cyber-world!

I do what I always do when I feel woozy: go to the kitchen and look for appletini ingredients or chocolate (or both). Sadly, it is 5 AM as I type this, so I worry The Boss might not appreciate me going into work artificially happy (read: sloshed). Makes it hard to sell espresso machines if you can’t pronounce the tricky words like “bars of pressure” and “sale.”

Anyway, see for yourself what others in the blog community are saying. Click here for Haley’s Comic. Then come back and click over here for We Band Of Mothers.

(And thank you, writer blogger friends, for your support. I am humbled and honored that talented people like you would praise my writing!)



  1. Have a drink and just explain to the boss that you are delirious with fame!

  2. There is s'pposed to be some silly rule about drinking before noon, and then I'm wondering, hold it, does 1:30 in the morning count as before noon? Rules, rules, rules ...

  3. If I had a blog I would totally push you. Wait! I do have a bebo page (I know, but facebook is icky) I am going to post about you over there.

  4. I GOT A NEW MOUSE AND KEYBOARD! This makes me woozy with ecstasy = relevant.

    So Guy My Mom And I Live With spilled on his keyboard, and got a new one, except it's for PCs and didn't work on his Mac, so I got it! The new mouse is LASER FAWKING PRECISE, it actually uses a laser, that will take a lot of getting used to, and the keyboard feels so different- the keys aren't polished by use!

    -Motaki, Ecstatic Aspiring Falconer who Gets to Go to a Falconry Meet on Saturday

  5. Atheist Friend has your book now - she had the same reaction you did to that acrostic poem assignment and she likes your comments on my blog. I'll try to get her to write an Amazon review when she's done. (:

  6. andrea--I like your style!

    esbboston--good point. I vote that 1:30 does not count.

    kait--you are a doll! thank you! (and facebook is not icky, I just don't know how to do it and I am afraid I would run out of time for blogging)

    taki--yay for new mouse! I sometimes do a little cheer when I buy new socks and get to wear them for the first time.

    marianne--here is a secret on the acrostic poem: look closely at the TITLE of that particular poem, it is also an acrostic poem in and of itself!


  7. AH! She's got my book! As soon as I get it back.


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