Tuesday, October 18, 2011

545. Happy Birthday (I Think)

Actual email I sent to an actual friend:

“Dear Charlotte,

Happy Birthday! I have it in my head that it is October 18, but now I am realizing that my head is not such a safe spot to store things, important things like when your birthday is. Was it yesterday? Is it tomorrow? I hope it was happy, or I hope it will be happy, or I hope it is happy right now this minute.

I owe you a birthday lunch (unless it turns out your birthday is not until November, in which case, I will send you this same email again in about four weeks).

Your devoted friend (the one with the memory like a steel vault, well, a steel vault where the key has been misplaced),


I hope I sent it to the right person this time.



  1. You obviously *meant* to send it to your dear, longtime friend, me. Also, my birthday was way back in July. It's okay, I forgive you!

  2. Yes, Haley, it was DEFINITELY you! Happy early Birthday for next year!

    ps-- did you get the flowers, champagne, and cake I sent?


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