Wednesday, October 12, 2011

537. Why We All Die Before Age 700

You hear people say things like, “My grandfather had a lot of stuff when he died. He lived in the same house for 45 years,” or “When my great-aunt passed away, my family spent months going through her belongings—she had a lifetime of things,” or even “My neighbor was a pack-rat. When he moved to assisted living last year, his daughter had to clean everything out of the childhood home, and she filled six Dumpsters!”

This is exactly why God does not let people live to be 700 years old. Can you imagine the accumulated clutter? It is bad enough to say, “17 years’ worth of stuff,” or “collected things for 30 years,” or “couldn’t ever part with anything,” but to multiply that by 10? Can you even imagine?

God, I’ll make you a deal. If I throw away all the junk by the front door, can I live to be 110?



  1. I refuse to die until everything I own is organised and packed away in labelled boxes.
    I'll even have an emergency outfit ready to take with me. ;-)



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