Monday, October 10, 2011

535. She Is Way Cooler Than Me (and probably has better grammar, too)

Okay, I was up at 4 AM and found a blog that is pretty darn cool. Since I do not have a good topic for today, I will bless you with her link. Here ya’ go:

We Band of Mothers
Now, read that title carefully:  band.  It says band, not banned like I originally thought.  No one is banning moms (although I am sure my sons would like to).  But it is not like a music band, it means like a group.  Although I would probably go so far as calling the writer a rock star.

So, point is:  she is funny, funny, hilarious, sarcastic, and well ... a change of pace from my blog?  (After you read her stuff and are done snorting coffee out your nose, come back over to my blog and read some of my archives.)



  1. Wow! To quote one of my favorite movies, "I love you more than my luggage." Thanks & right back at ya (I added a link to you on my blog). Of course, you may only get hits back from my mom. My world dominance has yet to take hold. (:

  2. I just found her, too (right before you posted this, swears). This may the beginning of an evil triumverate. Or a vaguely menacing, but not imminently dangerous one, at least. We can work on it.

  3. Thanks MOV for the tip, I had a great time reading Marianne's blog. It's in my rss feed now.
    I was thinking about what I like in all these blogs I read, and I came up to the conclusion that your blog stands out because it is highly entertaining, but at the same time private enough that nobody around you will ever hate you for divulging anything. Just reading your text we get a picture of what's going on and that's great. And no advertisement!
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Marianne, I welcome your mom to my readership.

    Kelly, Thanks for making me look up "triumverate". I thought it was some sort of breed of grasshopper or at least car. Now I know.

    Véronique, Thank you thank you thank you! What you said about my blog is exactly what I strive for! So I guess I am hitting the nail on the wall (or the bolt on the head? wait--what's that phrase?).

    When I founded my blog a year and a half ago, my first goal was just to write every day. Then, when I got better at it (you can read my first 5 blogs to see they were not that great), I started spinning chunks of my life into little stories and trying to make them have a punch line.

    Later, I thought about the blogs I like to read and what is good about them, and conversely, the blogs I avoid and why. Maybe I am an ADD victim, but ads (esp. blinking ones) just really annoy and distract me. I made an executive decision to NEVER have them on my blog. I have probably lost the opportunity to make 22 cents because of this inflexible attitude of mine.

    And, on the completely self-centered side of things, what would I advertise? My own writing? My blog? You are already here! Stay a while! I don't want you clicking away.

    MOV :)


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