Friday, October 7, 2011

533. Oh, Yawn, Another Win

Haley’s Comic just gave me the equivalent of the Nobel Peace prize in Blogging. But instead of being called the “Nobel Peace Prize” and awarding me 1.3 million dollars, the name of the prize is the “I Dig Your Blog Award” and I received a photo image on my computer of a lovely city skyline with absolutely no instructions on how to plagiarize upload this image.

Here is the list of rules for the “I Did Your Blog Award”:

1. Say how grateful you are, and be very humble
2. Try to upload photo of skyline for award
3. List three random facts about yourself that your readers may not know already
4. List three other bloggers that you like
5. Get out your tiara (this wasn't really in the original rules, per se, but the whole reason I win awardds is for my inovation and goode speling)

That’s it for the rules on “I Blog Your Dog Award.” Now, onto the ceremony!

Thank you, Haley’s Comic, for the fabulous “Award Your Dog A Blog.” I am eternally grateful and also undeserving. In a room full of talent, well, I am the one falling asleep.

Okay, uh, technical difficulties on getting the image thing to work. (The frame, it should be noted, is from Target.)

Three random facts about myself. Wow, I have to edit it to only three?!? Why couldn’t I have won the “100 Amazing Trivia Facts About Me Award”? Hmm?

ONE: My tech-savvy skills leave something to be desired (oh, wait, I was supposed to mention something my blog readers do not already know).

ONE: (this is my do-over, so ignore the above trivia fact) I am really really good at handicapping horses at the track. Yes, I like to go to the races (have not been in years, but I do like to go), read the racing form stats, and choose the winners for the Exacta in the 5th. Impressive, I know. I also like to jump up and down when my chosen horse wins, possibly stepping on someone’s feet (not my own) in the process.

TWO: I moved a lot growing up. I was born in California, then my parents divorced and my mom remarried. My step-dad was in the army so we moved to Pennsylvania. Then Alabama. Then another house in Alabama. Then back to California. It’s hard to be the new girl in school all the time and try to make new friends when you were just getting to be accepted by the old ones. It makes you start writing obsessive little notes to yourself in a little notebook and draw little sketches of little houses and make up stories. Not that any of that happened to me.

THREE: I have two sons. If I had had daughters, their names would have been Cora Alcyon and Lake Kathryn. Since I am done having kids, you are free to use those names for your own future daughters or pet poodles. You have my blessing.

FOUR: Oops, that’s right, EDIT!

Now comes the part where I pass on the amazing “I Die For Your Blog Award” to three other super-talented recipients. But I am lazy (now you know what I was going to type for FOUR above) so I am just going to list the new recipient three times (and I even baked her cookies):

1. Haley's Comic (get it?  like Haley's Comet, but she is not really a comet)
2. Haley's Comic (some of her stuff is super-duper funny)
3. Haley's Comic (but not as funny as my stuff ... okay, possibly funnier if you must know)

When you make your way over to Haley’s, tell her MOV sent you. And just ‘cause you like her new blog, possibly better than mine, please still come back over here. I have a dozen cookies with your name on them waiting (hold the walnuts).

(“Mistress Of Vision”)


  1. *gasp* You tagged me THREE times?! Does this mean I get to post nine facts about myself? I think it does. Oh, and your Target frame turned out great! Sorry about your technical difficulties, but you handled them with grace.

    P.S. MOV is totally serious about those cookies, guys.

  2. Haley, glad you liked the Target frame. I know people at Target, so I could get it for you for, like, $13.99 (regular price: $13.99).



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