Saturday, October 1, 2011

527. That Time Someone Stole The Desk Out of The Trash

Back-story: Recent severe storms have caused flooding in our area, specifically to unlucky people’s basements

Result: Driving down the streets in our neighborhood, you see all kinds of abandoned furniture and rolled up soggy carpets that were casualties of Mother Nature’s rampage

Personal Connection: The Husband impulsively decides our older son needs a wood desk; he sees one that is clearly “FREE” on the street corner and brings it home in his big truck

Ensuing conversation:

MOV: What’s that?

The Husband: (proudly) It’s a desk! For Tall! Look, the drawers are even dovetailed. (attempts to open ancient drawer, handle falls off)

MOV: Are you insane? The feet are completely covered in mold! Look, you can see, like, ten inches of water damage here.

The Husband: That’s really just superficial damage.

MOV: Superficial?

The Husband: It will sponge right off.


The Husband: I’ll get a sponge.

MOV: No. That thing is not coming in the house.

The Husband: This from the woman who got her entire set of patio furniture off of a curb?

MOV: That was totally different. The patio-furniture-people were obviously moving. The desk-people were apparently drowning.

The Husband: A fresh coat of paint, and the desk will be brand new. (deranged smile)

MOV: No.

The Husband: Fine. You win. I’ll just put it in the garage until you change your mind.

MOV: I’d rather not have it getting mold in the garage. I think you should take it back wherever you got it.

The Husband:  (stops to think for a minute) Not right now. It could get mold on my truck.

And all this time, you thought I was the crazy one.

("Mystery Of Vision")


  1. I approve of this. Myself, being horribly allergic to pollen, itch when I get within seventy feet of mold.
    Waiting for your response to my geeky hawk comment,
    -Motaki, Aspiring Falconer

  2. Sorry you are allergic to pollen, tell those future boyfriends so they don't buy you a GIANT bouquet of pollen-y flowers and instead just getcha chocolate (yum-o!). take care, my aspiring falconer friend taki!



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