Tuesday, August 30, 2011

496. Disconnect

Yesterday I had a “Disconnect” day. I unplugged the phone (okay, it’s a cell, so I pushed the “off” button), unplugged the computer, and never turned on the TV. It felt good. It felt Amish.

I have done this before. There have been times when I feel overwhelmed with media, and end up declaring a “Media-Free” day, and I always (ironically?) come back the next day with my batteries feeling re-charged.

The computer/ email/ my blog holds a bizarre magnetic trance on me, calling me from other rooms in the house. I am transferring laundry from the washer to the dryer, when the Electronic Demons beckon: “MOV … MOV… MOV… now would be a good time to check your email! You haven’t logged on in at least 10 minutes!”

I zip up the stairs, eager to comply with the Electronic Demons. There are three crucial new emails: “Amazon: 10% off coupon” and “ProFlowers: LAST CHANCE” (notice the threatening ALL-CAPS) and “Pottery Barn: Sale ends today!” Really? This is the email I was so anxious to read?

My phone is no better. It will ring in the middle of a nice phone call with The Husband at work, and I (stupidly) will take the new call. It is a tape-recorded voice calling to tell me “important news about your DirectTV account!”

The boys and I made good use of our day without Electronic Demons. We went to a new park. We went to the pool. We read books. We drew pictures. We basked in the intrinsic beauty that is being “unplugged” and “unwired.”

Why do we not do this more often, I wonder to myself the next morning at 5AM when I plug the computer back in and log on, Oh look Eddie Bauer sent me a coupon.

(“Media On Vacation”)

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