Wednesday, August 10, 2011

485. I Like Surprises ...

… as long as I know about them ahead of time. 

Marchesa MOV


  1. Me too! Why can't anyone understand that?

  2. I also like spontaneity ... as long as it's planned.

    Instant gratification ... if I've worked long and hard for it.

    Overnight success ... after 20 years.


  3. Me as well...and don't tell me I'm getting a surprised if you are not prepared to immediately give it to me. A hard lesson for my husband. I don't like being teased with surprises! I will make life a living hell until they just give in - and then I am happy but they are not - oh well. Shouldn't have teased me in the first place right? LOLOL

    P.S. Planned spontaneity is the only kind isn't it? - can you tell I am also a Virgo?

  4. hey! There used to be a really cool post above this one!

    That was definitely not a Planned Surprise.

    [Postscript: I may be the only one who has read -EVERY-SINGLE-ONE of your blog posts. Yep. Every. Single. One.

    Took me the entirety of July and until today.]

  5. Hello Motaki (coolest. name. ever. by the way, is there a "Dr." in front of that moniker?),

    Did you think that post was cool? (Insert insecurity here) I wasn't sure. I have a very un-Virgo tendency to just post-post-post without doing a super-edit, and then I end up tweaking my posts after they have published (!) and in this case, I just thought, wow, this is not even a story or anything, my readers are gonna be mad.

    But, because you are so nice, and because I love my readers, I will re-post what I wrote right here:

    "Baby Words"
    Two words fell in love, got married, and had babies. Those original words are Obstacle and Barricade. Can you guess the offspring? Barricle. Obsticade.
    As the one who performed the marriage ceremony in the first place, I give you permission to use the new words any time you like. There is no obsticade from you using either one. You’re welcome.
    Preacher MOV

    okay, look for a better post tomorrow. :) I have a great idea in my brain, and even though I ran it past The Husband and he said it was "formulaic and predictable" (ah, what does HE know?!?), I am gonna go for it!!!!

    And thank you for reading all my posts. That makes me feel, well, all sparkley inside (maybe that is just the wine).

    Professor MOV :)

  6. Hee hee I am glad you posted the entry I missed in the comments. :) I love your story posts, but little things like that are fun too! Can't wait to read your next update.

  7. It can totally be "Dr. Motaki". Even if I'm not really a doctor. Details.

    You should totally feel all sparkly inside. Even if it's wine-induced. I hear wine is really good, especially the good kind.

    The Husband has no idea about the subtleties of blogging. Go for it.

    I am addressing your comment backwards.

    LOVE THE POST :D i approve of it strongly.

    I am still addressing your post backwards.

    Why am I listing my reply like a factsheet?

    Yes, the post was cool. And it had sparkles. Or maybe that was just that speck of something in my eye.

    The scrollthingy on the right side is smaller than my fignertip so, long enough comment, methinks.

    Dr. Motaki :D


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