Wednesday, May 25, 2011

423. Smile for the Camera!

I was organizing some photos on the shelf today.  I have been known to take a photo or two of my kids from time to time.  I glanced at the bookcase and realized that there were not really that many pictures of The Husband, or me for that matter: 

Every single photo was of Tall and Short. 

It was like The Husband and I just did not even exist. 

I decided to do something about it.  I took down about half of the photos, then I got out my best sterling silver 8 x 10 frame so I could put this lovely photo of The Husband up (taken on our wedding day):

(He is such a cuddly bear.)  Just 173 more photos of The Husband to go before we're caught up with Tall and Short.    



  1. Hello to my living room wall. There might be a wallet sized photo of just me and my husband somewhere in some dark corner.

  2. Alyss-- I know! If some stranger wandered in off the street and saw all the photos, they would think 2 very spoiled little boys live here all alone. Mommy might make a guest appearance as maid once in a while.


  3. This same phenomena occurred at my mothers house when grandkids came into the picture. All of our photos (her children- there are 8 of us) disappeared and only photos of her grandkids were/are displayed. I asked her about this and she said that if she could have figured out how to get the grandkids first she would have done that a long time ago (she said cackling)! All of our photos are in her attic - of which she said go get your pictures - they are cluttering up my house! LOLOL

  4. my house used to have lots of pictures of me and the mountain man in exotic locale or on special trips. since having the pie, those pictures have all been put away for baby proofing. we'll have to see what crops back up when there's no longer a need to put the entire house in lock-down!

    (have i mentioned that putting stuff away seems to make MORE clutter? boxes in the corners, things we use shoved on the surfaces she can't reach, and toys everywhere!)

  5. Same thing at our house. I keep saying I'd like to get a family portrait done again. The last time we did one was about 15 years ago! Maybe this summer before the boy heads off to college...


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