Monday, April 18, 2011

385. Us On Vacation

So this week, my sons are on Spring Break. Since The Husband and I do not want to go into debt, we are forgoing any type of vacation this year. Instead, we are opting for a budget-friendly staycation (where we sit at home and flip through travel magazines fantasizing about dream destinations).

Today, instead of swimming in the Aegean Sea, I took the boys to paint ceramics—which they love to do. Tall painted a gecko, and Short chose a penguin. I noticed several other families in the art studio engaged in painting—staycations must be the new trend.

Next, we returned home and made brownies—delicious! My homemade brownies are equal to, if not far superior to, any vacation food I have ever encountered.

After that, I washed a sinkful of dishes and did about 12 loads of laundry. Club Med, to my knowledge, does not make guests do their own dishes and laundry.

I plan to ask for a full refund from the Staycation Committee.

(“Mom’s Only Vacation”)


  1. I love staycations!! It's one of my best memories as a kid...It was somewhat of a staycation. My parents took us to stay at the Holiday Inn in a nearby town. We stayed for two days, and we were a half hour down the road from home. IT WAS AWESOME! They let us eat candy bars and stay up late!

    Make the most of the little things :)

  2. i thought you were going to drive to pennsylvania to get me a 25 lb heath bar?? i was counting on you, MOV. i don't have a counter big enough to spread out that big a batch of candy. now i'll have to spend my spring break buying all the heath bars at my local grocery store, then melting the chocolate off of them and stacking the toffee up so i can pour the chocolate back over them. there goes my vacation.


When you write a comment, it makes me feel like I won the lottery or at the very least like I ate an ice-cream sundae. (This has nothing to do with the fact that I did just eat an ice-cream sundae.)