Saturday, April 16, 2011

383. Reunion

An Open Letter to My High School Reunion Planning Committee

Dear Committee,

I was planning on coming to the reunion this year, especially since it is a big reunion with one of those milestone-sounding numbers. However, it turns out that due to your late notification of the event, I won’t be able to make it after all.

How dare you send out the invitations a mere six weeks before the event?! What were you thinking? Six weeks is not enough time for me to lose 20 pounds, get a great haircut, purchase a whole new wardrobe, go to med school, become a doctor, and buy a fancy car. Well, it might be enough time to get the haircut, but that is about it.

While you are there reminiscing about finals and proms and track meets, I will be slaving away at the high-end kitchen store. While you are sipping your third glass of wine (most likely from your own personal vineyard that you opened in Napa, natch), I might be forced to sample some chocolate cupcakes if we are making them for a baking class. While you are laughing at some clever joke someone just told, I will be laughing at the lady who is trying to return her espresso machine she bought eight years ago (without a receipt).

So, no, I won’t be able to make it this year. But I will definitely come to the one in ten years. I’ll be the one wearing scrubs.




  1. Nothing is usually missed MOV, and won't be especially with the life of the party {you} not being there. three cheers for a larger numbered year reunion. {I didn't go to mine, either. I didn't miss much. Just confirmed who came out, and who was still in the closet. Fortunately for us, because of the first death of a classmate, most of us stay pretty close.}

    be blessed!


  2. I wonder if we are celebrating the same milestone reunion year this year. Hmm, I wonder if my class has realized that we are, because I have not received an invite. Or, perhaps they are pulling the same last minute "gotcha" that yours did. But, you know what? I have friended several of my peers from high school to see what they are up to (and what they look like now). I'm not so intimidated now, lol. Gotta love technology!

    Sheri in CA


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