Thursday, April 7, 2011

370. WTH

Okay, so self-imposed rules are not good for me.  "I will write my blog once a day for one year..."  or "I will write my blog every other day..." or "I will write my blog once a week..." 

No.  None of that works for me.  Welcome to the new mothersofbrothersblog.  I will post whenever I damn well feel like it.  Could be once a week.  Could be once an hour.  Surprise! 

I will go so far as to give you a guarantee of once per week minimum.  Get ready, I gotta lot of stuff to post!  Here goes....



  1. now it all makes sense! i couldn't figure out how I had missed so much when I popped over for my Monday evening catch-up...

  2. This is the best news ever!! On par with alphabetizing the pantry (which we ALL do; err well at least Virgos do!)


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